Straight Ahead Outreach - Taking Back Your Life

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Straight Ahead Outreach - Taking Back Your Life

Charitiable Assistance for the Homeless, Suicidal, those who feel damaged or just plain feel there is just no way out. We will listen, we will coach, we will help,,,,anyone.




To provide a relaxing atmosphere which promotes and allows room for change.

We will strive to provide relief to the poor, distressed, underprivileged and depressed.

To ease neighborhood tensions along with combating community deterioration and the over all community delinquency.

To remove our “friends in need” from the community as a tension force and "set them free" as a viable, positive contributing force to the community as a changed, New Person via their own strengths, their peers’ assistance and our assistance.

To be creative in our approach to the issues.

Having the goal of getting our "friends in need" out of the homeless assistance system, self reliant and our friends for life.

We are a Mobile Crisis/Intervention Unit rooted in a belief in Jesus Christ.

Lance Greene has 23 years experience in Suicide Prevention.

Our objective is to “End Homelessness, heartache and depression as we know it”.

We are painfully aware and we want you to be also, that we understand we are unable to help everyone.

Everything we do comes out of our own pockets. Donations to our work are greatly appreciated and needed.

We are based in the knowledge that nothing we do would take place if not for the direction of Jesus.

Our primary purpose is to assist an individual to Take Back Their Life. By assisting them in making it possible and showing them it is possible to change their mindset and their lives.


We do this through intense listening, coaching, support and direction.

Again, this all comes through Jesus’ direction.

We go to meet THEM.

We do not expect them to get to us – We have found that eventually they are more than willing to find a way to make contact with us and to keep in touch, usually on a daily basis. This is encouraged for as long as necessary, in order for them to keep the momentum of change going.

At our initial meeting, we ask and help uncover what the individual is “searching” for.

We set a date and time to meet with them formally at which time we evaluate the person’s issues and needs, determine if we can be of assistance to them and, establish a plan of action if appropriate.

If it is determined we can be of assistance to the individual or if we just simply deem it necessary:

We will provide them a meal (food) if needed.

We will clean their clothes if needed.

We will get them a haircut if needed.

We will get them clothes if needed.

We will provide transport if needed.

We will take them for a shower if needed.

We will do their laundry if needed.

We will assist them in obtaining shelter for the evening is needed or desired.

No cash is given initially.

We will go to them at night or weekends.

We will spend time speaking with them about the issues which are depressing them, keeping them “using” and or keeping them homeless.

What ever it takes.

Does the individual “have to” believe in Jesus? No

Does the individual “have to” join a Religious Program? No

Does the individual “have to” know Bible verses in order to get assistance from us? No

Will they be encouraged to know Jesus? Yes

Will we assist them in finding a church if they would like? Yes

The Individual DOES “HAVE TO” be ready.

The Individual DOES “HAVE TO” be willing to change. Big Time!

The Individual DOES “HAVE TO” agree to address the issues, good & bad, which hold them back from experiencing “a meaningful, positive life”.

This process can be “very ugly” at times. Trust me!

Therefore, the person must know, understand and accept that this process is not always “pretty” or “nice”.

They will get frustrated. They will get mad. That is ok. It is all part of the process.

But this process is precisely what makes it work. Our technique concentrates on the “Root Causes” of the situation. We ask the tough questions others might be reluctant to ask or approach.

With Jesus’ guidance we help the individual see and acknowledge the strengths they have (which they have ALWAYS possessed), but temporarily lost due to the various situations and obstacles they’ve encountered, and the decisions they have made. The process encourages the individual to “be aware” of their feelings, attitudes and the impact of those feelings and attitudes in their ‘personal environment’.

Housing is a priority. We strive to move the individual along to that point quickly.

But this move is always done at a pace they can handle.

We search for housing based on individuals’ needs and personal make-up to ensure that it is a ‘fit’.

Sometimes housing choices and timeliness are hindered by financial issues that need to be resolved before the individual is able to move on.

A large number of the homeless population are entitled to and/or are receiving SSI/SSDI benefits, so job placement is addressed based on the person’s need for supplemental income and ability to gain and retain employment. Sadly, a number of these individuals have not graduated high school and are poorly educated, so the options for employment are severely limited. We do encourage those that are able to, obtain their GED and we assist them in acquiring the study materials and providing coaching with this as needed.

My goal and dream is to have a number of facilities throughout the city in Knoxville and someday across the country like the one I will be showing and describing to you in the following pages. I am not looking at having a facility which houses 50 or more people at a time as I believe that loses the family type feel people need. More importantly, it also loses the permanency and quality of the results we are after. Our maximum housing capacity at any facility for housing would be 25 and the minimum 11.

Part of our plan is to build a facility in the St. Petersburg FL area where we will transport individuals who have displayed a specific need to Take Back Their Lives in an environment such as the warmth and comfort of the sun and water.

Please enjoy.

Lance Greene

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