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Stop Climate Change - Play your Part: 10 tips to play

Play your part - Give YOUR SOLUTIONS !

To save the climate share your "home-made" solutions around you...

Move your body!

Urban traffic accounts for 40% of transport emissions ...

Think global, buy local!

A big part of our climate footprint is in the products we buy...

Go for efficient electric appliances!

Refrigerators, washing machines, TVs and other consumer electronics vary a lot in their power consumption...

Do not stand-by!

85% of the electricity used by your electronic appliances may be consumed while it is not actually on...

Go for Smart Heating

Heating and cooling consumption in households differs immensely throughout the world, regardless of climatic conditions and without differences in comfort...

Get Green Power

Thanks to Green politicians, the consumer must be informed of the source of electricity under EU law...

Choose a cleaner car

Half of all transport greenhouse gas emissions are emitted by cars...

Fly less

Although less than 5% of the world's population has ever travelled on an aeroplane, aviation already represents 10% of the global greenhouse effect...

Play with the Greens !

Join the Greens, become active in an environmental organisation and use your own resources to change!

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