Stop Burning Bulls and Sadistic Fiestas!

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Stop Burning Bulls and Sadistic Fiestas!

The purpose of this cause is to raise awareness about the many horrific Fiestas in the world today, in which millions of animals are subject to Torment, torture and a brutal death.

One of which is the "Toro Jubilo" which takes place annually in Soria, Spain.

This particular savagery involves putting balls of pitch on the horns of a live bull, they are then set alight and the bull released into the streets. He endures hours of endless abuse, suffering and torment. The same bull may also be used again and again!

Bulls, Cattle and other animals suffer immensely in various other cruel fiestas. Including Drowning, darting and Spearing to death. The list of these horrors is endless!!

Please sign the petition created by the The Care2 Group "Firebull" See the Website link on this page. This petition will be submitted to the European parliament in 2010.

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(Please note-It is the Care2 petition that will to be submitted to the EU.)

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