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Violence against women in the family ? domestic violence ? is a fundamental violation of human rights. It is a pervasive, daily reality for women living in every country across the globe. Its impact is devastating on women, their lives, their health, their work and the wellbeing of their families.

Amnesty International calls on all governments to implement this 14-Point Programme for the Prevention of Domestic Violence. They should act immediately to confront domestic violence, prevent its recurrence and move towards eradicating it totally.

Amnesty International invites concerned individuals and organizations to use their influence to ensure that governments implement this programme.

The recommendations in the 14-Point Programme for the Prevention of Domestic Violence are interrelated, and they are all important in addressing domestic violence. All of them embody these basic principles:

? The goal of any action must be to ensure women?s safety, protection and autonomy, as well as their physical, mental and social wellbeing in the aftermath of suffering abuse.

? Government policies, practices and laws must not discriminate against women, on grounds of gender, or of age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, class, language, cultural or religious beliefs, marital, maternal or citizenship status, or place of residence.

? Governments should consult and work closely with women victims and survivors, and with non-governmental organizations that have experience in addressing domestic violence.

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