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Stamp out domestic violence
Acts of violence against women in the home or the community contitute torture

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Krazy Women Walking Help Build a Women's Shelter
Starting at 12:01 am on January 1, 2010Four KRAZY WOMEN will walk 41 Miles to raise funds to build a women’s shelter in Kendall County for women and children in need.WE WALK because 1 in every 4 women experience domestic violence.Our goal is to

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Can united We stand?
Terror is no longer acceptable to use to express your experiences by Washington. Since my unjust ordeal with the courts, 1989 - 2010, I have been trying to have women to walk, talk and support domestic violence at home and abroad through a movement creat

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Spinnin Innocence
Here at Spinnin Innocence we want to spin you back to the innocence once had before the destruction of abuse devastated the meaning and to reduce the trauma that a child abuse, Domestic Abuse, or Even Animal Abuse investigations can pose for the child, wo

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Not only does it benefit woman but children as well. its not just woman in domestic violence children get caught in the cross fire and alot dont have the ability to stand up for them selves. With the right information stressing the importance of support

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