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Save Felix the Monkey
Stop Oxford University Killing Felix the Monkey

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Oppose Compulsory Redundancies at UoS
We the undersigned, being employees of Salford University, call on the Vice Chancellor to withdraw the threat of compulsory redundancies: Given the threat they pose to the job security of all employees, and to the reputation of the University, but abov

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Stop Universities raising tuition fees
A number of University Chancellors are pushing for the current cap on undergraduate University tuition fees of £3,500 to be scrapped, meaning that in theory at least fees of up to £30,000 could be charged per year of a typical undergraduate course.

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Support the strike at University of Westminster
We, the lecturers union UCU, are calling for a strike at the University of Westminster in London on Friday 13th November 2009 in protest at the way we have been treated by the university management. If you are a student at the university, please sign o

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Global Health Alliance Western Australia (GHAWA)
As you may (or may not) know I am a lecturer from Notre Dame University Fremantle, Western Australia, and I am will be accompanying 25 nursing students across Perth who has been selected to travel to Tanzania in November. I will be supervising a 2 week pr

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Norma Roberts (RAPSTC) involved in TAX FRAUD |EUPA
Norma Roberts is a red haired Australian white supremacist. She is an Executive Director at RAPSTC, and has studied at Curtin University of Technology and Sacred Heart College Highgate. She is the Executive Director at Retail and Personal Services Traning

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Atique Islam (ECU) has oral sex w/ Adrienne Foster
Since Kerry Owen Cox has taken over as VC - the reputation of ECU has gone down hill. Clive Reynoldson is a classical example of a psychopath. A person who is seemingly normal in day-to-day life, trying to seem humble (wearing an expensive cotton pullo

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St Paul University's condom ban is unacceptable!
SPUSA (St. Paul University Student Association) is a group of students who have been democratically elected by the student population. Among many things, their job is to listen to the needs of the student population and to represent the student community.

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Give a SHHH!! About Epilepsy
I am like many other people my age in Tallahassee, FL. I have been in college for nearly the last 7 years and I am getting ready to graduate from Florida State University. I know what it's like to be stressed and overworked from keeping up with school, wo

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