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Emo music is not suicide
Listening to 'emo'music is not suicide. Bands like my chemical romance arent saying kill yourself. They are saying the opposite. In their song famous last words ''i am not afraid to keep on living, i am not afraid to walk this world alone''. Russia are

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There is hope, Project Lane
Lane's favorite hobbies Lane loved to hunt and fish with his friends. He was very good at both of these hobbies. He caught many big fish and also had nice trophies of turkey, white tail deer and a huge Colorado mule deer. Being the youngest of 5 chi

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Save the Puns
Most of you would go 'wow....' or 'lame...' when someone makes a good pun. I've created this page to save puns. Population of Puns has dropped to under 100, nearly extinct, since they commit suicide due to depression from the comments on the puns. By prov

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