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Introduce Ultimate Frisbee to the 2012 Olympics
Support the introduction of ultimate frisbee in to the 2012 London Olympic games

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Bring back SKY sports to BLSA
Sky sports has recently been removed from our screens at our fine students union due to the cost (apparently 4,000 pounds). We feel that not only does this make economic sense as SKY will bring in costomers to BLSA, for example the football club which spe

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Petunjuk Jalan & Jalur Transportasi Jakarta
Sediakan petunjuk jalan dan petunjuk jalur transportasi yang jelas untuk Jakarta! --------Gue sering mengalami 'tersesat' kalau tengah berkunjung ke rumah sepupu/kerabat/sanak saudara di Jakarta. Tinggal di Ibukota Republik Indonesia kita ini, nggak

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Fighting Blood still Favourite In Pakistan
TOBA TEK SINGH: Sunday was not a routine day for the residents of Chak 310-JB, Thatha, a remote village in the district, as it was playing host to an ‘All Pakistan dog fight tournament’ participated by connoisseurs of the banned sport from all over the co

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Don't Back the Cruelty: the dark side of horse racing Most people regard horse racing as a harmless sport in which the animals are willing participants who thoroughly enjoy the thrill. The truth is that, behind the scenes, lies a story of immense sufferi

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Introduce Ultimate Frisbee to the 2020 Olympics
Ultimate is a sport which has been around for many years and is centred more around the Spirit of the Game: Ultimate stresses sportsmanship and fair play. Competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of respect between players, adherence to

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