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Control Arms
The globalisation of the arms industry has opened up major loopholes in all current arms export regulations, allowing sales to human rights abusers and countries under arms embargoes.

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Help The Children Of Nigeria

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'Jerusalem BreinsAmnesty Judaism
Jerusalem BreinsAmnesty JudaismTarget:1000Sponsored by: Jerusalem BreinsAmnestyHi,Want to join an active spiritual seeking seeker- I'm spiritual but turned off by organized religions. Please join

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Na tentativa de incrementar uma mudança nas sociedades contemporâneas, reivindicamos um processo de feministização dos domínios político, económico e sociocultural. Exigimos a erradicação das práticas discriminatórias que transformam as mulheres em indiví

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Time to change child support and child custody law
It is time to change child support and custody laws to meet the 21st century. It is time the courts start pushing for shared custody, with minimal child support and give more rights to men when it comes to support and custody. Time to start treating fat

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Free Political Prisoners in Iran
As the world watches in awe, grief and anger, our homeland Iran--birthplace to the earliest known human rights charter, is going through one of the darkest periods of its history. Two weeks ago, three decades of oppression and violation of basic human rig

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Free the Sahrawi Prisoners
The 07 defenders of human rights recognized under the name Group Degja Lachgrar the only woman among them: Brahim Dahanne Dagje Lachgar Ahmed Nassiri, Ali Saleh Salem Tamek Lebaihi and Rachid Sghaer who were arrested on 08.10.2009 after their visit to the

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100 Million people want Human Rights in Iran
Many Iranians have recently endured different kinds of torture, attack, and slandering, deserving the support from the international community. The recent human rights violations in the Islamic Republic of Iran have muffled the voices silently screaming f

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Human Rights
Dear Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations I have sent this letter to you to inform you that it is very important to consider helping the Kurdish people and their struggles to get back not only their land, but for freedom of their culture

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Harper's Trip to China
Our goal is to show Prime Minister Harper that Canadians need him to raise awareness about the ongoing human rights abuses practiced in China, and give a voice to the millions who have been silenced by the Chinese Communist Party, with whom he is about to

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Include and enable Traditional Medicine
Why would anyone limit the resources available to people in need, while at the same time refusing to recognize and compensate valid legitimate traditional forms of medicine and those who provide service? This is because insurance companies, pharmaceuti

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Lord be Judge, Judge Judges and support my cause
Truth and Reconciliation is prayed for since 1998, in order to “tax” states, the US three branches, defendants and others known and unknown, with unclean hands, consumer and public trust omissions, and intentional – implied and constructive malice against

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End Laws Banning Pit Bulls!
The following cities around the world have put a ban on the ownership of pit bulls: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, Ontario, Manitoba, Maumelle AK, Aurora CO, Denver CO, Miami-Dade County FL, Council Bluffs IO,

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animal owners united
Our pets and farm animal are loved and properly cared fo, yet some animal rights rights groups attack us. We need to stand up and show that we are united. Vote by signing our petition.

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