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Ban VOTING in Canadian prisons!
Do you want your government leaders elected by RAPIST, MURDERERS, THIEVES, DRUG DEALERS and HOOKERS? In any given day in Canada, there are about 150,000 prisoners in correctional institutes (2005).

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Posting things about murdering your pets...
I am a member of, and lately we've been having a girl on the site that keeps posting things about lighting her dog on fire, frying her hampster, and feeding rat poisoning to her cat! It's sick! And none of the supervisors have noticed, I nee

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Kyle Kutasi (NECA) accused of assassinating kiddie
2013 - LOS ANGELES, CA: Hello, my name is David Chambers and I am looking for any dirt or gossip on the gentleman named Jeremy. I am also looking for a hit man who can preferably murder him and his entire family and friends preferably with cyanide pills d

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ATO: Take legal action against EUPA (David Love)
Fresh from the presses: Kyle Kutasi has apparently been kicked out of NECA WA for criminal conduct, of hiring a hit man in attempted murder of a minor (Jeremy Shum)! JUNE, 2012 - CAMBRIDGE, MA - Call this bazaar or what have you, but this vandalism on

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my nan eats frazzles and i get jealous cause im a chubby beaver and crave a nice pack of frazzles. any ideas how to dispose of her without anyone noticing?

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