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Could you be any more psychopathic? Heather Kennet
DARWIN, NT: Meet 50-year-old Heather Kennett: unmarried, jobless, homeless, dominating, journalist - and psychopathic cyber bully. She's recently loss a vital court case, and is about to lose a lot more if a suppression order is lifted; much of it discuss

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Wendy Lin steps up to defend hubby on kiddy porn
Rev. Geoff Lin is God's holy man who's meant to help the helpless - but meet Rev Geoffrey Lin: a great man of smear! On Sunday January 29, 2012, I (Geoffrey Lin) has tried to drag out the big guns in the South Australian Police force, to for a second t

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Deon van der Westhuizen (ECU) sucked male cock
Mt Lawley, Australia - Looked into the case between Jeremy and Claire Allman (Manager Employee Relations Team), Kerry O Cox (Vice Chancellor), Raymond Bernstein (Director HRSC), Clive Reynoldson (Head of School, SAFE), Atique Islam (Executive Dean FB&L),

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Kyle Kutasi (NECA) accused of assassinating kiddie
2013 - LOS ANGELES, CA: Hello, my name is David Chambers and I am looking for any dirt or gossip on the gentleman named Jeremy. I am also looking for a hit man who can preferably murder him and his entire family and friends preferably with cyanide pills d

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In the name of God, stop stalking Dr Jeremy Shum!
Call this bazaar or what have you, but this vandalism on Wikipedia, about Dr Jeremy Shum, is just blatantly weird: "Hey Jeremy When i was stalking you the other day, u were eating some mc donalds, and when you put it in the bin, i got it back out and

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ATO: Take legal action against EUPA (David Love)
Fresh from the presses: Kyle Kutasi has apparently been kicked out of NECA WA for criminal conduct, of hiring a hit man in attempted murder of a minor (Jeremy Shum)! JUNE, 2012 - CAMBRIDGE, MA - Call this bazaar or what have you, but this vandalism on

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