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There are alot of stray dogs in my neighborhood. One of them just hadthree puppies. Tuesday five of the stray dogs (including the mother)were attacking one of the puppies and nearly killed it. We took him tothe Animal Hospital where he had to have s

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Bringing Books To Kids In Need
Skileigh Anne Books 4 kids foundation is a non-profit charity that sets up a book shelf full of children’s books within the Emergency room areas of hospitals. These books will help provide comfort for families as they go through some of their darkest hou

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Help and Relief of Friends Family
Good Friend of mine who has a 3 yr old daughter in the hospital. Erilys Jannell Arriaga is 3 and to an unfortuante bacterica infection, she now has the right lung collasped. The left lung is half working. Thoughts and prayers is the biggest gift i could a

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Giving parents a gift we never had!
Emerikus Land Foundation was founded & started after we lost our baby girl in March 2013 due to complete PLACENTA ABRUPTION!! We are funding for Cold Cuddle Cots to donate them to every hospital threw the whole of Australia. A cold cuddle cot allows par

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Help Jordan Hear
Jordan was born on 15 August 2014 at only 35 weeks. Despite being a slight premature baby Jordan was given 10 out of 10 from his paediatrician. Not long after we got home from being discharged from hospital Jordan started struggling with ear infections, h

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Petition to kick out Joerg Mattes from John Hunter
+(below) (Already emailed to all students, latest version dated AUG 8th, 2015-- so may not need to reduplicate since more relevant to year 3 JMP) Skip to content Help improve Year 4 Medicine July 15, 2015 Petition to terminate Prof Ian Symonds

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