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Prayer is NOT a Crime!
I received this from a friend. It was sent from the secretary of Messiah's Dove Ministries: Please Pray Because: Tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. in the federal court serving Northern Florida, the first of three defendants charged with illegally praying (or mer

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SEC Officiating
Something stinks in the SEC. It's the officiating. I'm tired of having my Saturday ruined by bad calls. The players deserve better than this. Let's ask Slive for a full scale investigation.

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Save my Saturday
Tired of having every SEC game decided by the refs? Let's ask Mike Slive to have a full investigation in to the Conference Officials. The players deserve better than this. Let's demand it.

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Give a SHHH!! About Epilepsy
I am like many other people my age in Tallahassee, FL. I have been in college for nearly the last 7 years and I am getting ready to graduate from Florida State University. I know what it's like to be stressed and overworked from keeping up with school, wo

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