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Ban cluster bombs
Cluster bombs indiscriminately kill civilians, are one of the most inaccurate weapons, as many do not explode on impact yet remain deadly for years after.

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Charge Israel with War Crimes
The brutal and indiscriminate Israeli attacks on the Palestinian population in Gaza during the last weeks have entailed numerous violations of basic norms of international law, such as the principles of proportionality and distinction (between civilians a

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Ban Bull Fighting
We call for a ban to bull fighting in the civilised world. Every year 250,000 bulls die slow and torturous deaths as a result of the bullfighting industry. While we are mislead to believe the "skilled" matador pierces the heart of the bull with one qu

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Include and enable Traditional Medicine
Why would anyone limit the resources available to people in need, while at the same time refusing to recognize and compensate valid legitimate traditional forms of medicine and those who provide service? This is because insurance companies, pharmaceuti

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Honoring America's Defenders
Soldiers & Sailors celebrates its 100th Anniversary as a memorial and landmark to those who serve. Join our cause and mission to Honor and Remember anyone who serves our country since the Civil War. We want to remember and recognize the individuals, the o

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Lord be Judge, Judge Judges and support my cause
Truth and Reconciliation is prayed for since 1998, in order to “tax” states, the US three branches, defendants and others known and unknown, with unclean hands, consumer and public trust omissions, and intentional – implied and constructive malice against

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Economic Justice for the long term sick
A civilised society should have a duty of care to those too sick to work full time and as such, they should be allowed to work up to 8hrs a week without loosing any benefit money. Also they should not be forced or harrassed to work as this is inhumane and

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