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Repeal the Hunting Act 2004.
The Hunting act has done nothing for animal welfare since its introduction, but threatens livelihoods of thousands of rural communities.

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Save Felix the Monkey
Stop Oxford University Killing Felix the Monkey

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91 supporters

Close Huntingdon Life Sciences
Huntingdon has well documented instances of animal abuse and tests a wide range of substances & non-medical products on animals, unneccesarily.

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Ban live exports from the UK
This is a barbaric trade with no justification for the cruelty and it's impossible to guarantee a safe passage for the animals

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Stop Guillermo Habacuc Vargas

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63 supporters

stop animal cruelty!!!

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Save The Pit Bulls
The "fighting dog" has few friends. They live lives of brutality and unspeakable cruelity at the hand of those who gamble on their death, while betrayal and death await them at "humane" societies if they are "rescued". These animals are victims

73 signatures
33 supporters

Stop Sharks Slaughter
Lets put a stop to the killing of Sharks. They are fantastic animals...

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18 supporters

stop japanese whalers
this is trying to make people help stop japanese waller from killing over 400 whale a year. it is a legal to kill whale now but the law says that you are a loud to kill a number of whale each year for reserch. the japanes kill the whale then sell the meat

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Ban Hare Coursing
Callan, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.Attn: Re. Ba

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Service dog trainer
Elizabeth is wanting to become a service dog trainer in order to do several things: - Help create a more independent life for individuals with special needs - Help take the stray animals off the roads and give them a purpose - Help train her service do

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Petition SHISEIDO to abolish animal experiments
We seek the abolition of animal experiments in Japan and in particular call upon SHISEIDO to end all animal experimentation for cosmetics. As animal testing for cosmetics has been banned in EU since March 11, 2009, we took this opportunity to launch a

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Stop live animal skinning in China
China has emerged as one of the world’s most powerful economies but is still mistrusted and feared (as distinct from respected) because since emerging from behind the bamboo curtain, it’s government has done little to dispel its autocratic image and a

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BAN these Cruel Animal
Crush films are videos of small animals being crushed by being stepped on. These films depict instances of animal cruelty, and/or pornographic acts with animals, usually involving the crushing death of an animal, including insects, mice, rats, guinea p

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Street Dogs of Nepal
STREET DOGS OF NEPAL On a recent visit to Nepal with an old school friend I came across the Monkey Temple or Swayambunath Stupa. I had already visited Delhi in India where the dog situation was really horrendous and also Lahore in Pakistan where Bears we

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There are alot of stray dogs in my neighborhood. One of them just hadthree puppies. Tuesday five of the stray dogs (including the mother)were attacking one of the puppies and nearly killed it. We took him tothe Animal Hospital where he had to have s

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Trees are alive
Deforestation consequently decrease the supply of oxygen found on earth. Oxygen is essential to the existence of all living things and without it every living creature (including humans) will not be able to sustain life.All the forests of the world especi

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This cause was createad to stop Skinning Alive Aniumals for fur market in China's fur farms....

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Stop Burning Bulls and Sadistic Fiestas!
The purpose of this cause is to raise awareness about the many horrific Fiestas in the world today, in which millions of animals are subject to Torment, torture and a brutal death.One of which is the

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Would you bling a bunny for beauty? did you know that there are at least 2 alternitives to animal testing approoved by theFDA, EPA, and CPSC?

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Caring Hearts for LOST Animals
Caring Hearts for LOST Animals is a cause to put protocols in place for all agencies that pick up and remove identifiable dead domestic animals from roadsides.This cause has started since ZENA , our black lab from Murfreesboro, TN. was disposed of in a s

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In 80 anni di vita ogni italiano usa come

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???....height of cruelty.....and a blot on humanity.....? Anybody and evrybody who are involved in consuming are more cruel than those who r indulged in butchery.... they all r not humans.....just beasts... shame on all.....???

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Eating Guinea Pigs should be illegal!
It's just wrong, in so many ways! Who else thinks it is sick? Help me show people it is a horriable thing to do to these poor little animals, and it should be banned!

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abused animals - show you care.
Many animlas have been abandoned, beaten and held as 'Fighting dogs'. i, on the other hand do not approve. These animals should be protected. But who will stand and help? They need you, ASPCA.

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Stop Animal Abuse
Everyday, animals are being abused, neglected, and tested on. Scientists estimated that at least 100 species of animals die off a day. 15 million warm blooded animals are tested on a day. We need to stop this unfair treatment to animals. Each animal needs

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Stop animal testing
How would you feel if you were an animal having all these injections, drugs and abuse from these horrid laboratory men. Would you liked to be kicked and punched if a drug does not work and would you like to be kept in a tiny cage not being able to move? N

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Do you think battery farming is wrong?Do you want to put a stop to it now?Then sign this petition to put a complete ban to battery farming. Battery farming is very common in the uk on battery farms, it happens on dogs, birds and other animals.Put

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Stop Battery Farming
Battery farming, you think it just involves an animal locked up all its life, but it is more than that. Much much more. The animals inside are tortured beyond belief. It has to stop.

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This cause is created to help all pet owners of the State of Tennessee be able to provide medical care to their pets if they cannot afford it.

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Spinnin Innocence
Here at Spinnin Innocence we want to spin you back to the innocence once had before the destruction of abuse devastated the meaning and to reduce the trauma that a child abuse, Domestic Abuse, or Even Animal Abuse investigations can pose for the child, wo

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End Laws Banning Pit Bulls!
The following cities around the world have put a ban on the ownership of pit bulls: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, Ontario, Manitoba, Maumelle AK, Aurora CO, Denver CO, Miami-Dade County FL, Council Bluffs IO,

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We are the future, let's make it wonderful. Become aware and get involved!

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Has anyone heard of the poor dog that had to be put down because some immature, heartless b---- put a firecracker down his mouth? It made me cry. If anyone out there has a problem with animal abuse, please sign this petition.

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Mudpuppy Salamanders (family Proteidae), which are also simply known as Mudpuppies, are under threat. Although salamanders are thought of as cold-blooded and primitive, they are vertebrate animals that are sentient beings (just like dogs and cats), and ar

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Derechos de los animales en Ecuador
Varias personas en el Ecuador han decidido levantar su voz por el respeto de los derechos de los animales, animados por la maravillosa innovación presente en la Constitución aprobada el 2008, en la que se consagran derechos a la Naturaleza. En ese senti

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Help Protecting Rohingya Muslims ال
We ask all people for the sake of humanity to help protecting Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. They are human being like us and need our help. They are being cleansed. If it is an animal welfare the cause may gather 1000000 supporters, what about human welfar

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animal owners united
Our pets and farm animal are loved and properly cared fo, yet some animal rights rights groups attack us. We need to stand up and show that we are united. Vote by signing our petition.

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Don't Back the Cruelty: the dark side of horse racing Most people regard horse racing as a harmless sport in which the animals are willing participants who thoroughly enjoy the thrill. The truth is that, behind the scenes, lies a story of immense sufferi

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