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Stop Esso
Esso is the world’s no. 1 climate criminal. It has done more than any other company to stop the world from tackling climate change.

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Sack Steve Mclaren
Sack Steve Mclaren, he is destroying all hopes of us reaching the world cup

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Stop Starbucks
While Starbucks is enjoying record profits, its Third World coffee farmers can't even afford to adequately feed their children

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Emo music is not suicide
Listening to 'emo'music is not suicide. Bands like my chemical romance arent saying kill yourself. They are saying the opposite. In their song famous last words ''i am not afraid to keep on living, i am not afraid to walk this world alone''. Russia are

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Help stop the spread of Aids in South Africa
Africa is more heavily affected by HIV and AIDS than any other region of the world. An estimated 22 million people were living with HIV at the end of 2007 and approximately 1.9 million additional people were infected with HIV during that year. In just the

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Save the Sharks
Save Sharks from extinction! Between 100 - 400 million sharks a year are slaughtered for their fins, thrown back into the sea to slowly die a painful death. Soon we will lose one of the planets most majestic creatures, that has been swimming in the worlds

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Stop Dog Fighting Now
Stop the illegal underground world of dog fighting and help abused dogs live a normal life! Though a felony in 48 states, dog-fighting does still occur. Many bait dogs, which are used to train fighting dogs, are obtained through "free to good home" ad

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Make Feb 15 - Universal Love Day Globally
Recognize and celebrate every February 15th as Universal Love Day around the world

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Make Feb 15 - Universal Love Day a Global Holiday
Global Recognition of February 15 - Universal Love Day as a Global Holiday.

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National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week
National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week is held annually in September and is a worldwide effort to bring together people who live with invisible chronic illness and those who love them. A free 5-day virtual conference features 20 seminars during

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cancel world debt
did you know that the first world (20% of the worlds population) own 83% of the worlds wealth. the second world (60% of the worlds population) own 15.4% of the worlds wealth. and the third world (20% of the worlds population) own 1.6% of the worlds w

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Ban Scientology
We call on governments of the developed world to recognise Scientology as a dangerous cult that preys on the weak and vulnerable and revoke its status as a recognised religion.The US and UK governments currently considers Scientology a religion and no

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Free Political Prisoners in Iran
As the world watches in awe, grief and anger, our homeland Iran--birthplace to the earliest known human rights charter, is going through one of the darkest periods of its history. Two weeks ago, three decades of oppression and violation of basic human rig

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Stop live animal skinning in China
China has emerged as one of the world’s most powerful economies but is still mistrusted and feared (as distinct from respected) because since emerging from behind the bamboo curtain, it’s government has done little to dispel its autocratic image and a

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Ban Bull Fighting
We call for a ban to bull fighting in the civilised world. Every year 250,000 bulls die slow and torturous deaths as a result of the bullfighting industry. While we are mislead to believe the "skilled" matador pierces the heart of the bull with one qu

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Push back the money on it's right place
Since the financial crisis, many people have understood that money (althrough necessary) can not be the purpose of life by itself. We live in a world in which the only things which counts is how much you get money. It's insane. People don't put their

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motorcycle awareness
On June 12, 1974, i was brought into this world at Eglin Air Force Base, Fl., by my parents, SSGT Edward C. VanSlyke and MaryK. VanSlyke. My dad was an avid fisherman, boater, singer/songwriter, and motorcycle enthusiaste. On April 21, 2006 he was killed

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Trees are alive
Deforestation consequently decrease the supply of oxygen found on earth. Oxygen is essential to the existence of all living things and without it every living creature (including humans) will not be able to sustain life.All the forests of the world especi

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Replay France vs. Ireland
FAI chief executive John Delaney has urged FIFA to uphold their principles and agree to replay the Republic's World Cup play-off with would like you to help support the cause and create a petition which we will push forward to FA

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The Great Ones
A cause and mission to help & protect disadvantaged and abused children worldwide, and provide free primary and emergency healthcare in third-world countries. We are also a cause looking to protect children from abuse and neglect.

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Stop Burning Bulls and Sadistic Fiestas!
The purpose of this cause is to raise awareness about the many horrific Fiestas in the world today, in which millions of animals are subject to Torment, torture and a brutal death.One of which is the

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Lord be Judge, Judge Judges and support my cause
Truth and Reconciliation is prayed for since 1998, in order to tax states, the US three branches, defendants and others known and unknown, with unclean hands, consumer and public trust omissions, and intentional implied and constructive malice against

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Can united We stand?
Terror is no longer acceptable to use to express your experiences by Washington. Since my unjust ordeal with the courts, 1989 - 2010, I have been trying to have women to walk, talk and support domestic violence at home and abroad through a movement creat

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Actor Sean Penn - Passing On us/USa Character
Actor Sean Penn Gets the Bigger Picture May 6, 2010 Subject: Haiti What Gives Washington? Advocate Penns Good Faith Reliance in Support of Aid to Fellow-men in the us/US Worldwide Community Yesterday, I was looking at CNNs Anderson Coope

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Food Security for Kids
I have come to believe that the most critical issue we need to address, worldwide, is food security. Food security means that people have enough healthy food available to flourish, no matter where they are in the world. My husband spent much of his chil

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Free Treatment for Veterans Oversea's
If you served your Country in the Armed forces, and you suffer a Illness or disability due to your service you should be entitled to receive Free medication and Treatment where ever you are in the world. You put your life on the line for your Country,at l

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pit-bulls arent just for fighting
a sorta against dog fighting to cause we hope to let the world know the true side of pit-bulls pupdog+benie

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Low Budget Film Makers
Many young film makers are starting projects with little to no financial backing in the world of Cinema. I feel every story deserves the chance to be told. Regardless of content and context. I am an Independant Digital Video enthusiast and understand the

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End Laws Banning Pit Bulls!
The following cities around the world have put a ban on the ownership of pit bulls: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, Ontario, Manitoba, Maumelle AK, Aurora CO, Denver CO, Miami-Dade County FL, Council Bluffs IO,

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Writers Help
This cause is relatively new to the charity world. We give news and try to help aspiring writers to reach their full potential. We also do what we can to get your work published.

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Save Romanian Virgin Forest
Virgin forests are the last areas of the world where nature survives in its pure form, without any human intervention. What is the current situation? When you think of virgin forests probably come to mind landscapes of the Amazon basin in Siberia or n

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Tell the Hall of Fame you want The Moody Blues!
We the undersigned petition the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to induct the Moody Blues. The Moody Blues have been a formidable force in the world of Rock and Roll for 45 years. Their musical accomplishments both as a group and as solo and collaborative

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heel sandals to our list
We particularly like the sexy wraparound ankle strap. Go here now!More tips from LukeAsk Luke Reichle: The best jeans for your body shape Secrets of the Red Carpet: Ask Luke Reichle Ask Luke Reichle: What to wear to a wedding It had its world premiere at

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Absolute Truth
I maintain a "Genius" level intellect & I "could" change the course of human history! I can give the "world": Zero (0) Heat-Loss Water Heaters, "R-100" Building Insulation,Super Fast Jet Aircraft Compressor Assemblies, Geo-thermal Heat Storage "Heat-Sink"

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