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Petition to end the US HIV Travel Ban
For over two decades the HIV ban on travel and immigration has been a blight on the United States. The ban has unfairly stigmatized and singled out people with HIV and treated them differently from foreign nationals with any other medical condition. The p

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Help and Relief of Friends Family
Good Friend of mine who has a 3 yr old daughter in the hospital. Erilys Jannell Arriaga is 3 and to an unfortuante bacterica infection, she now has the right lung collasped. The left lung is half working. Thoughts and prayers is the biggest gift i could a

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Fund our Tour!
Victory Bound Rival needs your help! By donating ANY amount you can help Colt, Kevin, Chester, and Dalton travel to different cities around the U.S. with bands like The Ready Set, Reliant K, All Time Low, and more! So don't be shy! Grab your parents, f

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Global Health Alliance Western Australia (GHAWA)
As you may (or may not) know I am a lecturer from Notre Dame University Fremantle, Western Australia, and I am will be accompanying 25 nursing students across Perth who has been selected to travel to Tanzania in November. I will be supervising a 2 week pr

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