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Close Huntingdon Life Sciences
Huntingdon has well documented instances of animal abuse and tests a wide range of substances & non-medical products on animals, unneccesarily.

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Make Feb 15 - Universal Love Day Globally
Recognize and celebrate every February 15th as Universal Love Day around the world

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Make Feb 15 - Universal Love Day a Global Holiday
Global Recognition of February 15 - Universal Love Day as a Global Holiday.

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Hands-on Science Education
Science is best learned through hands-on lessons. The United States is now lagging in science and research and it is important to regain this top spot. This can be accomplished through hands-on science lessons. At my school, we do not have the money

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Free the Sahrawi Prisoners
The 07 defenders of human rights recognized under the name Group Degja Lachgrar the only woman among them: Brahim Dahanne Dagje Lachgar Ahmed Nassiri, Ali Saleh Salem Tamek Lebaihi and Rachid Sghaer who were arrested on 08.10.2009 after their visit to the

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