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Save the Whales
Severely Endangered Whales Need Your Help

259 signatures
558 supporters

Repeal the Hunting Act 2004.
The Hunting act has done nothing for animal welfare since its introduction, but threatens livelihoods of thousands of rural communities.

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Stop Mugabe
Save the people of Zimbabwe further suffering and sign this petition to help restore democracy to Zimbabwe.

1868 signatures
1805 supporters

Save Felix the Monkey
Stop Oxford University Killing Felix the Monkey

1300 signatures
91 supporters

Save the Maryland Black Bear
Maryland Bears need YOUR HELP!

1237 signatures
4 supporters

Stop The Dolphin Slaughter

445 signatures
54 supporters

Save Pat Sharp
Save Pat Sharp

458 signatures
9 supporters

Jesus Saves
Jesus can save you, regardless of what youhave done

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Save Amy Winehouse

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299 supporters

Say No To A Third Runway at Heathrow
Britain's airports can not expand further if we are serious about tackling climate change. According to the government's own figures, aviation is already responsible for 13 per cent of the UK's climateimpact and is one of the fastest growing sources of gr

14 signatures
3 supporters

Save the Iberian Lynx
The Iberian Lynx is the most endangered

1556 signatures
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Save The Pit Bulls
The "fighting dog" has few friends. They live lives of brutality and unspeakable cruelity at the hand of those who gamble on their death, while betrayal and death await them at "humane" societies if they are "rescued". These animals are victims

73 signatures
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In July 2004, the Department of Health Services in California established a unique HIV/AIDS pilot program [Medi-Cal*] designed to help provide life-sustaining medications for thousands of Californians living with HIV/AIDS-- many of which are people of col

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Save Creation Theatre Company
Our indoor productions in the last 12 months have been great successes and we expect this Christmas’s show to be our most popular yet. However, after 13 years, 302,000 audience members and many thousands of children’s workshops, Creation is facing fin

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Save the Sharks
Save Sharks from extinction! Between 100 - 400 million sharks a year are slaughtered for their fins, thrown back into the sea to slowly die a painful death. Soon we will lose one of the planets most majestic creatures, that has been swimming in the worlds

2352 signatures
400 supporters

Help save Stockport County!
As a starter...hows about... We, the undersigned, write to petition Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council to take positive urgent action in the matter of the severe difficulties currently facing Stockport County Football Club. Stockport County ha

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Help Defend Our Oceans
We are damaging the oceans on a scale that is unimaginable to most people. We are now finally all to aware that human activity has serious impacts on the vital forces governing our planet. We have fundamentally changed our global climate and are just beg

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Save Our Rainforests
Our rainforest's are being cut down at a rate of 6000 acres and hour. We are still to understand what the effect this will have, but it is clear that with the rainforests disappearing at such an alarming rate it will have a devastating effect on the plane

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Save the Axies !
The Axolotl is a Salamander in Mexico that is threatened with extinction because of urbanization, poluted waters, and introdution of nonnative fish that are not only eating the Axolotl's food sources; but also their eggs and larvae.Medicine researchers us

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There are alot of stray dogs in my neighborhood. One of them just hadthree puppies. Tuesday five of the stray dogs (including the mother)were attacking one of the puppies and nearly killed it. We took him tothe Animal Hospital where he had to have s

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Save my Saturday
Tired of having every SEC game decided by the refs? Let's ask Mike Slive to have a full investigation in to the Conference Officials. The players deserve better than this. Let's demand it.

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Vote Jedward To WIN X Factor
After tonights events on the XFACTOR we would Like some help to show Simon cowell that his actions tonight will come back and bite him on the backside....... Please would Everyone in The uk vote for jedward as simon put lucy out tonight to save his own th

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the man who saved the rajahmundry municipal region
the regional director cum appliate commissioner of municipal administartion,rajahmundry region rajahmundry office located at rajahmundry at east godavari district of andhra pradesh at this office sri.m.vinod kumar junior assisstant of mandapet muncipality

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???....height of cruelty.....and a blot on humanity.....? Anybody and evrybody who are involved in consuming are more cruel than those who r indulged in butchery.... they all r not humans.....just beasts... shame on all.....???

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Save the Ice Caps!!!!!
Help save the melting Ice caps in the north and south Pole. The cause of them melting is not 100% proven but Global Warming is definately helping. This petition won't make much of a difference but every little bit counts. Thank you!!!

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Support Eastern Kentucky Coal Mines
Please show your support in helping keep eastern Kentucky coal mines open.We keep your lights on.this video may help you understand how important it is to us and you.

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This is a cause for everyone who wants to help better our generation. Little things we do can help us reach our goal like picking up trash, stop smoking, recycle. Being in a clean environment is not only good to our health but it helps nurture the environ

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Save Niyamgiri Hills
At the centre of the struggle was the Dongria’s sacred mountain, the ‘mountain of law’. The Dongrias worship the top of the mountain as the seat of their god and protect the forests there Vedanta Resources wanted to mine the bauxite from the top

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Save the troll faced nyan cat
The troll faced nyan cat has recently dropped below a total population of 500. it is a very cute species, and i believe you should save it.

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Save the Puns
Most of you would go 'wow....' or 'lame...' when someone makes a good pun. I've created this page to save puns. Population of Puns has dropped to under 100, nearly extinct, since they commit suicide due to depression from the comments on the puns. By prov

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Save Romanian Virgin Forest
Virgin forests are the last areas of the world where nature survives in its pure form, without any human intervention. What is the current situation? When you think of virgin forests probably come to mind landscapes of the Amazon basin in Siberia or n

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Save the Peaks, end the Hunger strike!!!!

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Save the Kimberley Heritage Brumbies
Aerial Culling is the cruelest form of horse slaughter Please keep up the emails going to Minister Peter Collier to stop this inhumane cull. There is an application from the Aboriginal Lands Trust, section of Dept. of Indigenous Affairs, to th

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Save Sampson the Baby Bull
I have a baby bull in need of veterinary care, as I believe his hip to be dislocated...But I am not 100 percent sure that this is what is wrong with him because I need the funds to even be able to take him to be seen and diagnosed, All I do know is it is

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