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Arctic Monkeys for
Arctic Monkeys for "Best Album" 2007 Brits

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Stop Battery Farming
Battery farming accounts for 70% of eggs in the UK despite increasing public awareness. Sign this petition to outlaw this practice completely!

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Stop the Trade in Blood Diamonds
Despite considerable campaigning, diamonds still fuel conflict, particularly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Make St. Georges Day a Public Holiday
Create a public Holiday in England for St. Georges Day

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Free Iran
On June 12, 2009, millions of Iranians, went to the polls to elect their next president. Unlike the 2005 presidential elections where 48% of the electorate voted in run-off elections to choose Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, many more voters were expected to and did

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Free Political Prisoners in Iran
As the world watches in awe, grief and anger, our homeland Iran--birthplace to the earliest known human rights charter, is going through one of the darkest periods of its history. Two weeks ago, three decades of oppression and violation of basic human rig

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100 Million people want Human Rights in Iran
Many Iranians have recently endured different kinds of torture, attack, and slandering, deserving the support from the international community. The recent human rights violations in the Islamic Republic of Iran have muffled the voices silently screaming f

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Replay France vs. Ireland
FAI chief executive John Delaney has urged FIFA to uphold their principles and agree to replay the Republic's World Cup play-off with would like you to help support the cause and create a petition which we will push forward to FA

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Human Rights
Dear Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations I have sent this letter to you to inform you that it is very important to consider helping the Kurdish people and their struggles to get back not only their land, but for freedom of their culture

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Helping the needy
Creating awareness among the rural public and make them send their children to schools. Helping those children who are really in need.

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Lord be Judge, Judge Judges and support my cause
Truth and Reconciliation is prayed for since 1998, in order to “tax” states, the US three branches, defendants and others known and unknown, with unclean hands, consumer and public trust omissions, and intentional – implied and constructive malice against

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WA Health Professionals Support Coal Free WA
Dear Governor Chris Gregoire, Cc: legislature As members of Washington’s public health community, we are writing to show our support for transitioning Washington from coal power to healthier sources of energy. Here in Washington, we rely on coal f

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Be Kind To Food Servers Month
I am Sybil Presley and I am a lifetime waitress. I created the Be Kind To Food Servers Month. Celebrated each January. To elevate the status of waiters and waitresses and to establish a positive relationship between food servers and the dining public.

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V.Rajendra prasad regional director municipality
miss using the right to information act2005 by the public information officers of municipalities due to lack of knowledge in the the rajahmundry region sri.dr.v.rajendraprasad regional director is quite supporting to the public information offi

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The Syrian Post-Rock Movement
Post-rock is one of my favorite genres. Too sad, people in Syria are not familiar with as much as they should be. Some people haven't even heard the term yet!! So, I started this cause to expand and publicize this music genre in Syria and help peop

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ATO: Take legal action against EUPA (David Love)
Fresh from the presses: Kyle Kutasi has apparently been kicked out of NECA WA for criminal conduct, of hiring a hit man in attempted murder of a minor (Jeremy Shum)! JUNE, 2012 - CAMBRIDGE, MA - Call this bazaar or what have you, but this vandalism on

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