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Stop Trident Replacement
Sign this petition to help prevent Trident replacement

1371 signatures
55 supporters

Prevent Global Warming
Prevent Global Warming

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Ban the Pope from the UK
Sign my petition to prevent this current Pope from visiting the UK at taxpayers' expense following a spate of dangerously misguided right-wing statements and actions.

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Highfield Young Peoples Unit in Oxford
This is a petition in support of the highfield young peoples Unit for mentally ill young people, to be built in Oxford on trust ground.Some of you may have seen on the news that the Primary care trust in Oxford may be prevented from building a new uni

51 signatures
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lindsey Ranz Crosstown Crosswalk
Lindsey's Project : To prevent this from happening again by changing the root of the problem which is the crosswalk.We are planning to put solar LED Flash reflectors with pressure plates on the sidewalk for runners. The crosswalk will have a metal plaque

845 signatures
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