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my vitriol rock
My Vitriol are the greatest band ever!

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I drink for amy
Let's have a beer for Amy WineHouse

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Tell the Hall of Fame you want The Runaways!
Tell the Hall of Fame you want The Runaways!

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Fund our Tour!
Victory Bound Rival needs your help! By donating ANY amount you can help Colt, Kevin, Chester, and Dalton travel to different cities around the U.S. with bands like The Ready Set, Reliant K, All Time Low, and more! So don't be shy! Grab your parents, f

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The Syrian Post-Rock Movement
Post-rock is one of my favorite genres. Too sad, people in Syria are not familiar with as much as they should be. Some people haven't even heard the term yet!! So, I started this cause to expand and publicize this music genre in Syria and help peop

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Tell the Hall of Fame you want The Moody Blues!
We the undersigned petition the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to induct the Moody Blues. The Moody Blues have been a formidable force in the world of Rock and Roll for 45 years. Their musical accomplishments both as a group and as solo and collaborative

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Today's youth need guidance. We can no longer sit back and complain. We are the adults in the lives of youth and it is up to us. Let's make this campaign viral for the children we love and want a bright productive future for. Please sign this petition rep

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We Need A Runaways Reunion
The Runaways were an amazing, all girl hard rock band! No all girl band had played, real, hard rock before them. They inspired many teenagers and women. They should do a reunion and do it in honour of their late Drummer, it would be the perfect thing to h

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We want relaxSonic @ Electric Forest 2013
The aim of this petition is for our fans to convey the message to festival venues that The Sonic Portal is really wanted and needed by their patrons. For the past five year our festival family has “paid it forward” to the next festival to help keep us

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