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Nominate Michael Jackson for Nobel Peace Prize
A group of Michael Jackson founded a movement to have Michael Jackson nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. In 2007 they sent a letter to a number of high profile people including Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan and the United Nations council. The

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BAN Michael Vick!
Why should Vick be given a second chance? Nobody who fights,tortures, and kills dogs should be given a second chance. We need to speak up for not only the "vick dogs" but all dogs in this situation. Being a NFL superstar so to speak, he is/was a role-m

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Protect Michael Jacksons Children
I love and worship the late Michael Jackson, and something has been worrying me for some time now, and this is the privacy of Michaels children. This petition is aimed at the media, and his fans as well (this petition will be sent to the media, whether i

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