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Jesus Saves
Jesus can save you, regardless of what youhave done

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Straight Ahead Outreach - Taking Back Your Life
Charitiable Assistance for the Homeless, Suicidal, those who feel damaged or just plain feel there is just no way out. We will listen, we will coach, we will help,,,,anyone. Website: MISSIO

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Become a Commissioned Soldier for J.C.
I have always considered myself to be a strong Christian. However, early in 2010, I was reading in the book of Titus, when God showed me that I could be doing much more. The passage was written by Paul. He was telling the people that they should go about

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The Lord hears the cry of the poor
I designed and manufactured magnetic Jesus crosses to sell for the sole purpose of feeding the poor, nobody seems to care about those in dire need, I've made it my responsibility to help my brothers. I need money to keep my dream alive, not a lot, just en

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