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Jesus Saves
Jesus can save you, regardless of what youhave done

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One Nation Under God
One nation under God, From Whom I draw my strength, From mountain top to valley low, In all its breadth and length.

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Become a Commissioned Soldier for J.C.
I have always considered myself to be a strong Christian. However, early in 2010, I was reading in the book of Titus, when God showed me that I could be doing much more. The passage was written by Paul. He was telling the people that they should go about

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In the name of God, stop stalking Dr Jeremy Shum!
Call this bazaar or what have you, but this vandalism on Wikipedia, about Dr Jeremy Shum, is just blatantly weird: "Hey Jeremy When i was stalking you the other day, u were eating some mc donalds, and when you put it in the bin, i got it back out and

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