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Stop The Genocide in Darfur
Demand Peace and Justice in Darfur - "A New Sudan"

35 signatures
7 supporters

Ban Fur Farming
Every year, thousands of foxes and minks are raised and killed for their fur. Help outlaw this now!

3075 signatures
41 supporters

Stop Mugabe
Save the people of Zimbabwe further suffering and sign this petition to help restore democracy to Zimbabwe.

1868 signatures
1805 supporters

Stop The Dafur Genocide Now
The tragedy in Darfur has reached a critical level and action is needed now.

351 signatures
23 supporters

Boycott Beijing
The crackdown by Chinese authorities on protesters...

35 signatures
254 supporters

Say No To A Third Runway at Heathrow
Britain's airports can not expand further if we are serious about tackling climate change. According to the government's own figures, aviation is already responsible for 13 per cent of the UK's climateimpact and is one of the fastest growing sources of gr

14 signatures
3 supporters

Free Aung San Suu Kyi
Aung San Suu Kyi has been sentenced to a further 18 months house arrest, after a sentence of three years' jail and hard labour was commuted by a Myanmar court on the 11th August 2009. The sentence comes as a result of charges pressed following a breach

1299 signatures
249 supporters

This cause was createad to stop Skinning Alive Aniumals for fur market in China's fur farms....

82 signatures
9 supporters

Ban homework in compulsory and further education
Ban homework in compulsory and further education across the UK...

9 signatures
3 supporters