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Ban Fur Farming
Every year, thousands of foxes and minks are raised and killed for their fur. Help outlaw this now!

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Stop Battery Farming
Battery farming accounts for 70% of eggs in the UK despite increasing public awareness. Sign this petition to outlaw this practice completely!

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its nasty and whats the point when thay could be free and having a good life whilest they can its cruel and no life so please help support this and spread the word !! x

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Do you think battery farming is wrong?Do you want to put a stop to it now?Then sign this petition to put a complete ban to battery farming. Battery farming is very common in the uk on battery farms, it happens on dogs, birds and other animals.Put

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Stop Battery Farming
Battery farming, you think it just involves an animal locked up all its life, but it is more than that. Much much more. The animals inside are tortured beyond belief. It has to stop.

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Volunteer Agriculture & Community Farming Project
I want be able to raise some money, so I'll be able to do some Volunteering in Jamaica to help out with Agriculture , so the people can have more sustainable farming methods with greater crop yields. This will enable the farmers to lower their price and s

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