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Close Guantanamo
Hundreds of people of more than 30 nationalities are still there: without charge, and with little hope of obtaining a fair trial.

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Stop Starbucks
While Starbucks is enjoying record profits, its Third World coffee farmers can't even afford to adequately feed their children

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Help Fund  A College Education
As college costs rise, students like myself fall behind. I personally have applied for numerous loans, grants, and scholarships al to be turned away. I live with my mom and both my parents have a fair amount of debt-in no position to co-sign a loan. With

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Reinstate Lewis Hamilton winner of the Belgian GP
Reinstate Lewis Hamilton as winner of the 2008 Formula 1 Belgium Grand-Prix (07th September 2008). Lewis Hamilton was unfairly stripped of the victory after race stewards at Spa ruled he had gained an advantage from cutting a chicane while challenging

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Petition to end the US HIV Travel Ban
For over two decades the HIV ban on travel and immigration has been a blight on the United States. The ban has unfairly stigmatized and singled out people with HIV and treated them differently from foreign nationals with any other medical condition. The p

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Protect Insurance Companies
It's just so unfair. Please join....

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Government Funded Gender Reassignment Surgery
Its Pretty Simple. A fair and accessible government funded program that delivers quality gender reassignment therapies to all who need them.

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Flickr: Please play fair

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Lord be Judge, Judge Judges and support my cause
Truth and Reconciliation is prayed for since 1998, in order to “tax” states, the US three branches, defendants and others known and unknown, with unclean hands, consumer and public trust omissions, and intentional – implied and constructive malice against

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Momma's Character for the Love of Their Children -
Search: 46 Views Mothers’ Character for the Love of Their Children - United We stand? Tags: women, countries, kidd, kids, united nations, clinton, mother, auntie, sister, father, love, moment, global, issues, affairs, fenty, bush, ginsburg, holde

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Stop Animal Abuse
Everyday, animals are being abused, neglected, and tested on. Scientists estimated that at least 100 species of animals die off a day. 15 million warm blooded animals are tested on a day. We need to stop this unfair treatment to animals. Each animal needs

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U.S. Election Reform Petition
Replace Citizen's United

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Save the Kimberley Heritage Brumbies
Aerial Culling is the cruelest form of horse slaughter Please keep up the emails going to Minister Peter Collier to stop this inhumane cull. There is an application from the Aboriginal Lands Trust, section of Dept. of Indigenous Affairs, to th

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Introduce Ultimate Frisbee to the 2020 Olympics
Ultimate is a sport which has been around for many years and is centred more around the Spirit of the Game: Ultimate stresses sportsmanship and fair play. Competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of respect between players, adherence to

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