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End Seal Clubbing
Help stop this barbaric hunt, and boycott Canadian seafood.

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Juarez, Mexico House Building/Medical Trip
I attend a high school in the United States and just recently, my sister and I created a club, Beyond Borders, to promote helping those outside the boundaries of our town. Our club wishes to take a trip to Juarez, Mexico (with a few adults and dentists) t

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Help save Stockport County!
As a starter...hows about... We, the undersigned, write to petition Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council to take positive urgent action in the matter of the severe difficulties currently facing Stockport County Football Club. Stockport County ha

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Bring back SKY sports to BLSA
Sky sports has recently been removed from our screens at our fine students union due to the cost (apparently 4,000 pounds). We feel that not only does this make economic sense as SKY will bring in costomers to BLSA, for example the football club which spe

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Yoville Appreciation
Throughout The Years, Yoville Hasn't Been Appreciated By Zynga NEARLY As Much As The Other Games. And I Bet They Make TONS Off Of Yoville. Yoville Is One Of The OLDEST Games. We deserve better. I've spent THOUSANDS On yocash. WE ARE PLAYERS | NOT PAYERS!!

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