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Time to change child support and child custody law
It is time to change child support and custody laws to meet the 21st century. It is time the courts start pushing for shared custody, with minimal child support and give more rights to men when it comes to support and custody. Time to start treating fat

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09/10 CCDS Annual Giving Campaign
Each year fall through June 30, CCDS has an Annual Giving Campaign. The campaign is made up of yearly gifts from parents, grandparents, faculty/staff, alumni, the Board of Trustees, and friends of CCDS.CCDS is a non-profit organization that relies on

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Free Treatment for Veterans Oversea's
If you served your Country in the Armed forces, and you suffer a Illness or disability due to your service you should be entitled to receive Free medication and Treatment where ever you are in the world. You put your life on the line for your Country,at l

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