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A long list of accidents and injuries has accumulated at the terrible intersection of Septima Clark Parkway and Coming Street.

Lindsey was the second girl to be killed while jogging at this intersection in 14 months. Lindsey's project is called the Lindsey

Ranz Crosswalk. The fact that this intersection has poor visibility, high speed, and lots of pedestrians needs to finally be

addessed. Some options are LED Flash reflectors triggered by pressure plates in the corner sidewalk. Also a foot bridge is the

best solution.

Support us and we will stand together as a massive army fighting for Lindsey to make a difference, because that is what Lindsey

would want! We will be filing a motion with the city, College of Charleston and the Department of Transportation to improve the

intersection at the Parkway and Coming St. We will continue to fight and grow Lindsey's cause to make a difference. Please

view and share Lindsey's foundation and video at : www.lindseytaylorranzfoundation.org also search for Lindsey Ranz FaceBook

Ranz in Facebook. Please sign the petition to help us gain traction with City and State powers.

1. go to www.my-cause.com 2. Search "Lindsey" 3. Click "Sign Petition"

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