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The main leader of SFC was Yvonne Kafoa and Nick Bavea

Steve McPhee and James Rodway were the coleaders who were involved in posting on the Facebook page. They are also thought to be behind offensive content posted about St Marks

There has been a campaign by Yvonne Kafoa, Nick Bavea, Steve McPhee, James Rodway to make it seem as though St Marks is attacking Armidale Church when this is in fact not the case

Help us investigate this thoroughly!!! Please contact Thenewenglandinquisition@gmail.com

there was previously a web site http://www.unechurch.wordpress.com, that although now has been taken offline, was clearly set up by someone at armidale community church. why? because the website had announced something regarding a new “une church” web service before the church service was even announced to the public, meaning that it had to be someone very senior in leadership involved with the creation of the une service

after pastor david logan was criticised for employing one “yvonne kafoa”, who was called a “gold digger” for marrying a 70 year old head of school of computers, the whole website suddenly dissapeared. someone has overheard one of the pastors at st marks suggesting that there may have been some sort of sex scandal occurring over at armidale church linking david logan and yvonne kafoa

i find all of this incredibly strange and coincidental, and i ask members of armidale community church who know what happened to step forward and to say the truth – because the truth shall set you free!i think there are a lot of guilty souls right now at armidale church…

Ps David has made his way to the Sunshine Coast and I am very curious to find the truth. Is there a definitive source? Is there a Police charge? Does anyone have a referral for me to ACC? This is really important.

Would love to see where this goes! I’ve started compiling information about this debacle and the knowledgable souls on this blog should send me anything they find. That way we will not be silenced!


The truth will out

Phill Olsen WHAT!!!

I fear that it is only time before Big Mouth Logan will be on here defending why he isn’t linked with the blog, etc…………….. rather than tending to his flock, of course…

Of course you can’t be surprised this being out of character for Dr Logan, who is a clear media whore after instead of addressing the issue with David Stellar (Armidale Council infrastructure director), went straight to the Armidale Express (http://www.armidaleexpress.com.au/story/2326341/church-left-in-lurch-over-car-park-ruts/)…. Interesting article by Lydia Roberts dated Jun 4 2014, about the same time as those blog comments became rife


If you’ve ever read any of Dr Dave’s church newsletters, letters to the editor, you wouldn’t be surprised if he was Bid Laden’s imam… Has the same extremist tendencies, and litters our newspapers with his arrogant bull shit

I believe Dr Dave was reported to the police based upon comments from the old blog……

i can’t believe dave logan went to the media to screw over the armidale council. is he trying to give the churches of armidale a bad image????

The pastors in Armidale call this “Being Dave Logan”

A huge ego, and a huge character to match that ego

st marks

And I have no doubt Dr Dave wrote St Marks here trying to frame St Marks for this blog… Does Dr Dave not have anything better to do with his time than write this garbage?? Oh wait… read the church newsletter, he doesn’t.

Dr Dave is a tosser

I love it how the Armidale Express newspaper begins with “A PASTOR is running out of patience”, trying to emphasize the word “PASTOR”. I thought that Galatians 5:22 are fruits of the spirit, and that includes patience???

Oh well I guess what Dave lacks for in fruits of the spirit, he makes up for in his doctoral degree……..

i think the idea behind that news article was to state the bleeding obvious paradox, that the priest at armidale community church is NOT patient………………………..


when a priest near age of retirement hires a recently divorced office assistant suspicion is fairly aroused…………………


sex, money, power – i guess it’s all about that

I wonder what worth the doctorate Dr Dave has, give he fails to understand the 3 words in Malachi 2:16 when God says “I hate divorce”.

And we’re not idiots Dr Dave, we know that you are the one behind removing the old blog that was trying to attack St Marks, because there was overwhelming evidence implicating you (or someone you know) as being behind the blog. Time to come clean mate ;)?

well i’m sure dr dave would deny having anything to do with that other blog, but what we do know for sure is he started a new service at the university, even though they already have a campus in town. they’re clearly taking a rip at st marks……………….

Who the fuck put that garbage regarding a Shape shifting alien and The massively long Ahaha? It makes it impossible to read this page

i’m taking a guess here but is it nick bavea?

Why do you say this? Is Nick Bavea known to talk about shape shifting aliens?? Who is Nick Bavea anyway, and why is it when you search for his name on Google you get a Twitter profile (@nbavea) where he says “hey kel_84, wanna have sex?” and “anyone looking for sex out there? I’m a bit gay and looking for action from either sex”. On his Google Plus profile (@116073091431650990225) you can find his Students for Christ UNE video, and he’s also promoting the Mormon Church. On another one of his Twitter handles (@nickolitis), he says “Hi, I’m Nick from Armidale. I’m looking for Becky who was chatting with me in Sydney this weekend. She’s from smart-single.com.au.”. He’s listed as a 33 year old on the Sports MatchMaker website, he’s got a Students for Christ and UNE Church on Friday nights ad on his YouTube…. So essentially SFC has as a vice president someone who is a “bit gay, looking for action from either sex”, and him and Yvonne Misau Kafoa can be found on dating websites through an internet trail??? I hope the congregation at ACC keeps Dr Dave accountable for doing this…….

You won’t believe it, but like Yvonne Misau Kafoa, Nick Bavea also has a profile at MeetMe (http://www.meetme.com/member/48269961), if this is the same 33 year old. Looks like they both might have engaged in a bit of hanky panky before creating themselves a dating profile!

I wonder if this is the same Yvonne Misau Kafoa from Drasa Secondary School, because if so, I have more dirt obtained from her student file…….

I guess what has happened her is the gold digger originally probably that this chick from Fiji wanted to gain residency in Australia, so decided to find a half assed retard (Nick Bavea), engaged in the hanky panky, and then after a while threw Bavea out to go for an old man. So she was a gold digger on both counts of wanting to gain residency in Australia, and for an old man’s money. What a filthy person to be employed by a local church!

PS: 167 views already on my-cause.com. Let’s see how high we can get this number! The more people who know about this, the harder it’s going to be for anyone to know who’s involved in instigating this campaign to keep Dr Dave accountable ;) This is great, become like a community project :D

I find it revolting that both Nick Bavea (a retard) and Yvonne Misau Kafoa (a gold digger) are both on that MeetMe dating website. And BOTH of them are leaders at SFC. How pathetic!

Yvonne Misau Kafoa? She has been hanging around UNE since 2002, on the lookout for old rich men, for almost 12 years ago…….. I know she has a fetish for old men. If you aren’t convinced, look at her profile on MeetMe where she claims to be 72 years old (http://www.meetme.com/member/19373210)…..

is yvonne kafoa the president or vice president? i wouldn’t be surprised these so called “christians” are being led by a divorced woman……… this is what happens when you are ignorant of the word of god

and let’s not forget the mentally retarded guy, nick bavea, who is also a leader at sfc (probably the vice president). a group led by a divorced woman, and a mentally retarded guy… what a joke compared with christians united!

hahahhaahahahah This is the most funniest comment I’ve seen on this blog. “So called Christians”, and “ignorant of the Word of God”. I couldn’t agree more!

Great blog! Keep spreading the news to help keep these churches accountable. I think Armidale Express would love hearing about this!

Dr Dave should know the media can work for you… but they can also work against you!

Let’s keep bumping this number up!! 167 people have already seen the petition! The more people talk about it, the more gossip there is, the more impossible it becomes for anyone to trace who is instigating this :D It will appear as if though everybody is trying to keep Dr Dave accountable. Guys, this is the TRUTH that has been said in this blog, and as the bible says, THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not let Dr Dave’s tactics to try and get rid of this stop you

Dave Logan himself is Armidale’s biggest gossiper, he has back stabbed just about every leader from every other church in Armidale. Trust me, I don’t think he himself is even surprised he himself is now being held accountable

Also, don’t forget the more people who talk about this, the more you click on this when you search for “Armidale Community Church” and “Dave Logan” on Google, which will in turn bump up their ranking on Google, so that it will appear higher on their Google search

Dave Logan himself is Armidale’s biggest gossiper. I don’t think you’ll have any problems spreading the news

If you want “gossip” that “nobody knows about”, just like the “gossip” that ACC was going to have a UNE Church – which leaked a good 8 months before it actually happened – know this one as gossip:


How’s that for gossip ;) !

This is probably some of the best news that the churches in Armidale have heard in a long time (following the resignation of the other pastors at the other churches in Armidale)

Dr Dave, just like the other senior pastors from the various other churches in Armidale, have fostered a culture of gossip, back stabbing, and screwing people over, and it’s started to catch up to them in the past several years. The Catholics were screwed over publicly in the media for their paedophile pastors, and those at St Marks just decided to “resign”.

Now is Dr Dave’s time… he has screwed so many people over, said one thing to them, and another thing behind their back, that he no longer has one person who actually backs/supports him

And just when he was starting a flashy UNE church service to compete with St Marks, a new student group to compete with AFES, he now walks away from it all….

There’s just one problem… without Dr Dave, the only pastor left is Kye Single, who was infamously described as a “Trojan” from St Marks on the previous WordPress blog!

Does nobody really have an issue with the fact that Kye Single previously attended St Marks… and well really has nothing to do with the AOG church whatsoever???????

Maybe Kye Single is the one who has screwed Dr Dave over?? Given he is the “Trojan” from St Marks….

So I’m guessing Yvonne Misau Kafoa is claiming centerlink benefits, being paid by the government to study at uni, took money from her ex-husband from the divorce, and is taking money from the church. What a typical gold digger who does nothing but drain our sysem!

Hmm….. I’m sure we have a very happy congregation there at ACC ;)

I wonder if Dr Dave notices that if he departs right now, it’s going to look like the Church elders did an investigation, and found that there was indeed some sort of sexual misdeed going on……….

I say stay on Dave ;)


I think Dr Dave is resigning /getting kicked out, because he can’t stand the embarrassment of starting a new Christian group at Uni, and a new Church campus at Uni, both of which are total failures, and is now leaving the mess for everyone else to clean up…. SHAME ON YOU

I think we should start a petition to expose the REAL Truth: that Dr Dave has been played by Darryl Parker, and a petition to bring back Dr Dave, and to kick Darryl Parker out!

You already forgot that Dr Dave was the one that screwed the pharmacist and got him kicked out of St Marks??????

I have seen Kye Single in the office of Darryl Parker too many times.. given Dr Dave has NEVER been in Darryl Parker’s office………………

I’ve asked about this, and Dr Dave said that Kye Single isn’t employed by the church, but by a group that runs at the church……………

I know for a fact that Dr Dave was going to be dismissed by the church eldership for use of church funds without gaining authorisation, and that he could either choose a humiliating grill by the church, or to resign

Given that he was so close to retirement, and that his kids were still at the church doing things, he took the easy option and resigned

I’m not surprised he didn’t gain correct authorisation to use church funds because this guy runs the church like a dictator

The cultures of churches need to change in Armidale. I know that the situation was exactly the same with the previous senior pastor from St Marks who left a few years ago…..

Do not weep the departure of Dr Dave. This is the best thing that has happened in the churches of Armidale since the same thing happened to the senior pastor at St Marks who fostered a culture of hate between the churches – Just like Dr Dave, but Dr Dave does it behind other churches’ backs – Hence he can’t stand the guilt of having screwed so many people over and is now resigning!

The funny thing is that the pastors here in Armidale are pretty linked, and they can only but laugh at this website – Dr Dave has, and will always be the problem here in Armidale

It’s time to bugger off mate!

Hi there, I’m a journalist from the Armidale Express and would like to write a story about this fight between the Churches in Armidale, including how Dave Logan has disposed of a St Marks pastor, and how Dave Logan is now feeling the heat as a result of doing so. Could you please e-mail lydia.roberts@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Dr Dave is such a gossip he’s attracted Armidale’s biggest gossip: Armidale Express! HAHA!

leaders whove worked with dr dave would be well exposed to dr daves “can i tell you about XYZ” and then the gossip bullshit that follows….

Well you know there’s a problem – and that is Dr Dave – when most of the Pentecostals in Armidale are NOT going to ACC, but are going to St Marks…………………..

I have been told this guy has serious anger issues. He once “blew up” and started shouting at one of his leaders. It’s no surprise that his “top leaders” have mental illness, or are adulteresses……..

When Dr Dave doesn’t get his way he throws a very public tantrum accusing other churches in Armidale of being corrupt, that sort of shit!

didnt realise you already pointed out dr daves serious problem: his anger

i would add that he also accuses other churches of not being spiritual, and that ONLY he is spiritual

let me tell you if you don’t believe the holy spirit, or don’t talk about him, as the third person of the trinity, you’re not trinity…

ALL churches (true ones anyway) talk about the holy spirii

By the way just to let you know I contacted one of the owners of the blog, and they said that they traced the web page back to the Armidale Community Church office

When someone confronted a leader at ACC about this, they apparently said that the Wifi network was made public temporarily, and was accessed by someone outside the Church. When asked why the Wifi network didn’t have a password, they said that it did, but that it had temporarily turned off whilst someone outside the Church posted the content from the Church’s wifi connection

Pfft… very likely story, Dr Dave!

you musnt have heard on that “original blog” (that dr dave asked to be removed) evidence directly implicating dr dave for that blog, in which he attacked his own church to gain sympathy of the armidale churches….

Has anybody noticed that Dr Dave’s deleted his Facebook account??? Ashamed of what you’ve been doing under the name “Anonymous” on the Internet, hey Dr Dave???

I could understand why Dr Dave is ashamed of what he’s done

It’s a shame really

I guess you can’t be like that forever with no repercussion

could only imagine one thing after reading page which is how bin logan would have reacted. dude is known for having explosive tirades against his leaders, hence there is a high turnover rate at his church

he is just unable to control his anger

This is why it’s important to follow the bible when selecting leaders

One of those things is Slow to anger, and Dave just doesn’t fulfill that criteria

It makes “the Church” look bad to outsiders

does the person who wrote this know more about whats happening??? how did you know this???? is it someone from the eldership who posted this???:::::::::::::::::::::::::

I know for a fact that Dr Dave was going to be dismissed by the church eldership for use of church funds without gaining authorisation, and that he could either choose a humiliating grill by the church, or to resign

Given that he was so close to retirement, and that his kids were still at the church doing things, he took the easy option and resigned

I’m not surprised he didn’t gain correct authorisation to use church funds because this guy runs the church like a dictator

The cultures of churches need to change in Armidale. I know that the situation was exactly the same with the previous senior pastor from St Marks who left a few years ago…..

I’m not sure who created the blogs, I’ve just been a “commenter”, but if you go to https://stmarksune.wordpress.com/ you can see this guy “Nick Bavea”, his name appearing there. i think along with Yvonne Kafoa they are the leaders of SFC. If you look on that webpage he has also advertised his past employment at Duval College, the University, Deli Marche Cafe, and Armidale Jockey Club. Only he would know about that so I think he’s probably one of the “big names” behind these blogs

If you look at the timestamp of October 24 2013, it’s also consistent with when the other blog that Dr Dave took offline was created….

It’s also consistent with the fact Nick Bavea has been posting videos on Youtube promoting SFC………

If you listen to him he comes across as mentally retarded (no offence)

I almost read that as if it said “Gang bang”

I still have that eerie feeling regarding the ACC leaders (Nick Bavea and Yvonne Kafoa) and each of them both having their own profiles on the Dating website MeetMe

Doesn’t anybody else find that totally CREEPY? It makes you wonder why they decided to start that Christian group…

Dave Logan said that the best way to make this stop is to ignore it, because the people behind this blog and commenters, as trying to stir trouble, and get attention by doing this sort of thing. If you don’t give them attention, they’ll stop

Or you can make this page essentially unreadable :)

Nice to see you here on the blog, Dr Dave

It’s funny you say that Dr Dave said that given that he was on the blog prior to this making all sorts of representations from not only himself but also other churches too. I guess he’s now doing this anonymously, am I correct Dr Dave?? ;)

Dr Dave with all his antics in and of himself is attention seeking behaviour, so I find it totally surprising, and at odds with his personality, that he would say anything like that

I could more like imagine him saying the opposite – Let’s try and seek attention, so we can get more people into our church doors. Let’s stir trouble!

283 views on the blog… that’s more people than go to Armidale Church…. guess the other churches in Armidale have already got hold of this

i mean 283 views on the petition

Well it’s not like the senior pastor at Armidale Church is not known for being a gossip or anything like that right…………………………………………………………

If you ever met Nick Bavea you would really wonder whether he even has the mental capacity to create a website…………. It sounds more like Dr Dave wanted a “scapegoat” (excuse the reference to pastors supposing to “shepherd” their sheep/flock), and decided to use Nick Bavea, because of his mental handicap

This guy has all sorts of issues. If you look at his Facebok, it also shows people who liked his “Flying Fruit Bats Gallery” page also liked the “OX Live Gay Radio” station (so that’s where he’s getting his Facebook fans from??). His YouTube shows ads for Students for Christ. He’s a partner on “Don’t DIS My ABILITY Butterfly Ball” on Hansard presented by private members Adam Marshall and Stuart Ayres on 20 November 2013. He’s listed as a success story on “datingadvice4christiansingles.com” where he alleges he will be marrying a girl Melissa Blackwell (twitter.com/melissa_blackwl). This guy is deluded!

Actually I apologise, if he created this web site for his company (http://flyingfruitbats.weebly.com/) maybe he does know how to create websites. Well if that’s the case, we now know that Dr Dave on that old blog was essentially writing in response to a mental retard, which makes he himself a… (you can finish off this sentence if you get my gist ;)) HHAHAHAHAHA

So we now have news that Dr Dave has employed a:

1) 30yo Woman divorced from a 60yo to be the leader of SFC

2) Mentally retarded gay poofter to be the co-leader of SFC


Interested in Dr Dave’s opinion on “improprieties” where people were “forced to resign”??? Interesting how 5 days ago Dr Dave wrote this article (yes you guessed it was a blog post on the Armidale Church website…):

Over the past year or so, we have seen a number of members of Parliament, both State and Federal, condemned for a range of improprieties. Several of these people were forced to resign their positions because they were seen to be unworthy of the office that they occupied.

When such a statement is made (“unworthy of the office that they occupied “), the real emphasis is the worth of the office not the man. It says that the value of the office should have kept these people from desecrating it. The honour and value of such a position in the community should have been worth so much to these people that they would not dare to bring it into disrepute. The nature of their role should have constrained them to lead a life worthy of the office that they occupied. But it didn’t, and now the public has much less regard, not only for the individuals involved, but for the political parties that they represented and the Parliament as a whole.

In Ephesians 4:1, Paul urges us Christians “to lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called.” This does not mean that we should try to deserve our place in God’s favour – we could never do that. It means that we should recognize how much our place in God’s favour deserves from us. The focus is not on our worth but on the worth of our calling.

The privilege and purpose of our Christian calling is greater than the privilege and purpose of any parliament in our nation or elsewhere. The politician’s is a calling from man; our calling is from God. The politician gains status and (we would hope), a sense of worthy achievement; our calling gains for us divine sonship and we become beneficiaries of all that God owns. The political position may only last a few years, our calling will last forever. If the honour and privilege of being a member of Parliament should give the holder of the office a passion for integrity, then how much more should the honour and privilege of being made a Christian shape our lives!

In Ephesians 4:3 the way to lead a life worthy of our calling is to “maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” Verse 2 tells us how to maintain spiritual unity: “With all lowliness and meekness, with patience, forbearing one another in love.”

At a time of change in the life of any church, especially a change in leadership, it is so easy for us to allow our opinions and idea to dominate our thinking, that we lose sight of the task that God has committed to us—to value and maintain the unity that God created in the local gathering of His people, the church.

We need to be humble and patient and ensure that we demonstrate the heart of The Father in all that we do.

We have a high calling as people of the Kingdom, children of God, let’s ensure that we live our lives in a way that is worthy of the calling to which we have been called by guarding the unity that God has given, not allowing anything to cause us to think negatively about any brother or sister, rather let’s all walk together through this time of change with love, acceptance and forgiveness as our foundation and patience and forbearance in our heart.

He also wanted you to know based on a post from 21 Sep, “I have a few more newsletters to write and sermons to preach (I trust)”

At least he’s not aware he’s about to get removed by the Eldership…

Whatever happened to Dr Dave’s misuse of church funds?

Was that looked over?

I guess Dr Dave felt guilty and accidentally included a notice about “improprieties” he did himself, so the thought was top of mind!

At least his Blog posts are more meek and a lot less arrogant than they use to be……………………………………………..

I guess when you experience what it’s like to be on the receiving end of things, you learn a few things (as Dr Dave has)……………….

Just a few posts ago you can see this guy acting like a monkey, screeching and complaining on just about anything on the face of this earth…………. Let’s just hope this will continue

I still find it an absolute joke Dr Dave wrote “guarding the unity that God has given, not allowing anything to cause us to think negatively about any brother or sister”

This guy is known for having private tirades, and bouts and shouts of angers, led against the leaders at St Marks and other churches in Armidale, screeching about all their shortcomings etc. Note, he never does this in front of St Marks, but EVERY week in his own church he does it….

Yes, St Marks are very negative thinking people, and do not “trust” or “hope”, but Dr Dave fails to miss the big plank in his own eye, which is his own negative attitude

There’s “public Dave” who says that unity is all good on internet forums, blogs, and what have you

And then there’s “private Dave” who wants to shaft everything other than his own church – including the other Pentecostal church in Armidale!

I totally agree with this comment – I have heard Dr Dave openly criticise Armidale Christian Outreach Centre, which really isn’t on, because they are Pentecostal too

I think Dr Dave’s main problem is his arrogance

Let alone “think negatively about any brother or sister” – Dr Dave, should I remind you of the “VERBAL” (not just “thought”) diarrhoea that comes out of your mouth regarding each and every other church in Armidale, and how yours is better?????

If Dr Dave let a mental retard and divorcee lead his christian group he DESERVES to be removed from public office

He also has to answer the question of using church money to employe this recently DIVORCED woman

I think who Dr Dave employs can be subject to interpretation of the different bible verses people have raised both on this blog, as well as the blog that preceded this one

I do think Dr Dave has questions to ask regarding his constant display of anger towards his top leaders, and the level of gossip he starts: he is well known for “pulling aside” leaders to “give the dirt” on congregants

I have only one question for Bin Logan, which is what everyone should ask him, WHENEVER they get the opportunity to talk to him:


If Bin Logan cannot answer this question, which he CANNOT, it becomes really clear that… Nick Bavea does NOT have access to the church wi-fi and that Logan’s “public stance” that offensive comments traced back to the Armidale Church wi-fi were not that if his, but Nick Bavea, has been thoroughly FALSIFIED, proving once and for all it was LOGAN himself behind the offensive comments made regarding St Marks UNE

(Not that we every onlooker has not suspected this from the beginning, given irregularities, such as leakage of information that would have only been known to somebody “very high up” in ACC)

i overheard darrel parker from st marks say that they have “video footage” of private conversations that happened between dr dave and nick bavea, showing him trying to “blackmail” nick bavea. darrel has since denied this, but there are questions regarding darrel’s sexuality himself. i can only suspect there’s a couple of “closet gays” here in armidale!

by the way the “blackmail” involved something to do with nick bavea being accused of paedophelia, so this some serious stuff i’m talking about here!

Well that’s just fucking disgusting, if Dr Dave did blackmail Nick Bavea because he engaged in paedophelia. This is not to excuse Nick Bavea’s behaviour, but it SICKENS me to know that Dr Dave would take advantage of someone like that! Has this been reported to the Armidale Police???

I have heard Dr Dave talking about the possibility of “going public” regarding Nick Bavea, didn’t know that he was blackmailing him at the same time

So we now have news that Dr Dave has employed a:

1) 30yo Woman divorced from a 60yo to be the leader of SFC

2) Mentally retarded gay poofter to be the co-leader of SFC


calling nick bavea “gay” is putting it lightly……… in his internet postings he has made it clear he would like nothing less than anal and oral sex with other men

one can only wonder whether david logan endorses, or even has been involved in “anal and oral sex” with this mental retard….. i.e. what has his “gain” been?

sounds to me like like logan ought to be investigated by the authorities for taking advantage of the disabled!

Dr Dave is a megalomaniac who panders around Armidale acting like the Bishop of all churches, trying to make other Churches subservient to his authority. What he fails to understand is that like Mark Driscoll, it will only be time before he is EXPOSED

It’s why Dr Dave has been told by the Eldership to resign or be fired – he has a limited amount of time to do so before the “hammer falls”

(I have connections with several members of the ACC Eldership)

someone should ask dave logan whether he approached nick bavea and asked him to engage in a sexual relationship, and if he would not, that he would “make public” accusations that nick bavea was involved in paedophelia at the church

someone should also ask yvonne kafoa whether she recently contacted a computer shop asking them whether they could help her “erase the contents of her hard drive”, and whether that had anything to do with a request made by dr dave to “get rid of all the evidence that could implicate the church”

I’m not sure about a commercial shop she went to, but one of the people who works in the I.T. department at the University said that she was reported as “suspiciously” asking one of the I.T. workers in the Library, which made the I.T. worker think that she had evidence on the laptop that would implicate her that she wanted to erase permanently

That’s disgusting. I know on the old blog someone said they were going to refer Dr Dave to the Police. He must have instructed Yvonne Kafoa (his “assistant”) to delete all the evidence as soon as he found out this was going to happen

I think it’s bad enough as it is that Dr Dave was “reported to the police”…. for fuck sakes, do you want him prosecuted before he is defrocked????

This blog seems to be missing all of the original accusations in the old blog, where Dr Dave was mouthing off the Anglican pastors in Armidale in private, but then had a public face where he praised the Anglican pastors. Dude is a hypocrite!

Just to fill some of you in on the details, it included things like

planting evidence to cause some of the Anglican pastors to lose their job,

intentionally causing problems at other churches and between pastors at other churches,

the hiring of leaders from St Marks,

causing Stephen George to lose his job

You can also ask someone who saw the old blog, there’s a whole lot of stuff on there – a lot of stuff obviously written by him criticising St Marks. On this blog, Dr Dave has essentially been silent, which is surprising given I know for a fact he was on the old blog using fake usernames to try and defend his church!

Let’s ask the question why Kye Single was a member of St Marks, but then just recently decided to start going to ACC

The reality is that Kye Single was a “spy” sent to St Marks by Dr Dave

I read above that Dr Dave criticised the other Pentecostal church in Armidale – Armidale COC (Christian Outreach Centre)??

You should know that your behaviour SICKENS the entire Christian community in Armidale, Dr Dave!

Dr Dave in public: We need to look after God’s kingdom

Dr Dave in private: MY KINGDOM, MY KINGDOM!

The question is, do you have proof of this? e.g. audio recording that Dr Dave criticised the Christian Outreach Centre. Dr Dave is denying everything, getting really agitated when the matter is brought up. If you do I would suggest you pass it confidentially on one of the Elders at ACC, because it seems like they are already on the verge of dismissing Dr Dave, and any further proof would just be the final nail in the coffin

Like Mark Driscoll, it will only be time before Dr Dave’s domineering style, quick temper, and harsh speech, will have him defrocked.

It has nothing to do with his beliefs or morality, although “taking advantage” of others could be viewed as morally questionable.

Just to let you guys know what’s happening, I can confirm that Dr Dave had opted to resign voluntarily, and quietly leave the church, until it was disclosed publicly on this blog that he “forcibly resigned”, so he told the Eldership that he could no longer resign, or else it would seem like he was being “forced out” of the position.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, he is still feels that he is the Messiah of ACC ready to bring it into the Promise land, and detached from reality (i.e. when you search on Google trying to find a church in Armidale, you come up with this rubbish).

Almost all members of the Church are aware of this website, yet Dr Dave has NEVER spoken about it publicly. He is like the Naked king in the Tale of the The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Almost all members of ACC think that Dr Dave has acted unprofessional, because – let’s be honest – how many Pastors does this occur to? Probably only Mark Dirscoll. Dave’s demeanour and behaviour has been so problematic that the focus in all senior Church discussions has now been taken away from the Ministry to addressing his “Internet problems”, that the problems we are internally having at church is now becoming PUBLIC: The weekly events of the Church aren’t being prepared properly, SFC is in a downspiral in terms of attendance (so is the University Community Church), and the “initial hype” has blown away. If you take a look at ArmidaleChurch.com, the Church website has also “gone offline” (you may remember earlier the same thing happened to StudentsForChristUNE.com).


Anonymously posted to avoid repercussions from Dr Dave

That’s what happens when you build a ministry around “hype” and around the “cult of a leader”. Dr Dave fails to show his followers the way of Jesus, but rather just shows him his own ways leading them waywardly………..

I don’t know whether I would call Dr Dave’s conduct “moral”:

Is it “moral” to accuse the former Co-leader of SFC of posting “defamatory” content about you on the Internet without proof?

Is it “moral” to fire a Co-leader of SFC as a “scape goat” when in fact all of the problems (i.e. trying to cause instability in the SFC leadership, turning leaders against each other, gossiping about leaders) originated from Dr Dave himself?

Is it “moral” to take advantage of the mentally ill?

Is it “moral” to bribe someone with “going public” about their paedophelia and homosexual past?

Is it “moral” to be backstabbing other churches in your private statements?

What was on that old blog?? And why did Dr Dave want it removed?? This one looks bad enough as it is….. what was on the old one??????

What did Dr Dave do to the mentally ill? Why was Dr Dave using a “scape goat”? Why did Dr Dave try to bribe a paedophile at the church??

What was Dr Dave saying about other churches that was “backstabbing”???

Someone should report this to the ACC state authorities and just have him defrocked

Apparently, Dr Dave is currently on “unpaid leave” whilst investigations are underway into his online conduct.

Dr Dave last spoke Sun Oct 19 at the PM service, and has since been on “leave”.

If you don’t believe me look at the Blog post (http://aog.asn.au/posts/):

Dr Dave has always posted on Sunday: Jul 27, Aug 10, 24, Sep 7, 21, Oct 5, 19. He was meant to do a posting on Nov 2 but he’s skipped that one. Wondering why?

Just heard that Nick Bavea received this email from Dr Dave:

Dear Nick,

I hereby ask you to remove this blog that you have written about Dr Dave and the Armidale Church (https://armidalechurch.wordpress.com/2014/08/02/the-truth-about-david-logan-and-yvonne-kafoa/#comments), and ask that you stop posting defamatory content on the Internet about the church, whether it be on blogs, petitions, or otherwise.

The church and its elders is providing you a grace period of 24 hours to have this content removed, or we will notify the Police. We require you to:

1. Remove this content

2. Write a written apology letter addressed to Dr Dave that you are the author of this content, and apologise for its content

3. State that you made false accusations regarding Dr Dave

4. State that you will never attend Armidale Community Church service again, nor will you try to contact any ACC church members

5. Present yourself to the Armidale Police Station and make a full admission affirming the above

We will then present this notice to the church assembly so they are aware of this.

Because of previous information that the Eldership has about you, including your attempts to stalking other women, involvement with homosexuality and paedophelia, you can rest assured that you will be jailed if this matter proceeds further. We will pass all of this information on to the Police if we do not hear from you within 24 hours, that you yourself have presented yourself to the Police.

Like you, we hope this matter can be resolved discretely. You have until Wednesday night 9pm to present yourself to the Armidale Police station.



What’s interesting is that Dr Dave no longer has “power” over Nick Bavea. By having it revealed online already, Bavea has NOTHING to lose

I guess the only loser here is Dr Dave

from that letter that dr dave wrote he really sounds like what i thought he would be – a complete dick head!

What’s Dr Dave may not be aware of, is that there is actually a team of PI’s (Private Investigators) that have been hired who are “closely monitoring” his behaviours and activities (both in person and online), and can reveal that one of the state police authorities in the USA has been contacted to try to trace illegal pornographic material that was found on their Cirtex Hosting web package.

NB: So far, there is no proof that Dr Dave put it there, because he could just say that lots of people have access to their hosting website (or for example blame Nick Bavea, and say that he had given him access), but let me say the “noose” is slowly tying around Dr Dave’s neck, don’t worry

But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips. (Colossians 3:8)

Dr Dave fails on ALL of these. He is known for flying into bouts of anger and rage (which is why there is such a high leadership turnover rate). He is malicious towards other churches in Armidale, befriending them publicly, but mouthing them off with filthy language privately. He slanders others when he can’t get his own way………………….


I’d say someone closely connected with the computing side of Armidale Church has been leaking a few things :P Which is great because we wouldn’t have heard about all the internal problems at Armidale Church if it weren’t for this legend!

So far we’ve just heard this incredibly arrogant idiot talk about harmony within churches in Armidale while causing major havoc with his controversial talk

My question is if Nick Bavea was stalking other women, involved with homosexuality and paedophelia, one wonders why Dr Dave would have let Nick Bavea become the co-leader of SFC anyway?!

Because Logan could “take advantage” of Bavea, that’s why

Now that Logan can’t get his way, he’s “screwing” Bavea over!

Love the pun: Dr Dave “screwing” Bavea

Bavea is gay. Is Logan a closet gay??

I’ve heard Bin Logan in his office being called a BEAR

It’s gay speech for a man who likes to play the manly role

Dr Dave accusing Nick Bavea of “stalking women” HAHAHA this is a total joke, he is the very same person who loves gossiping about his church members behind his back hahahaha!

I heard from someone at ACC Dr Dave spoke at church this morning. I got told he used the word “improprieties” numerous times. He really needs to just come clean about the blog he wrote insulting St Marks

We all know Dr Dave was behind it…….

Let’s just say what everyone is thinking:


Well what do you think? HAHAHAHA

Now that Dr Dave is being thoroughly investigated by the authorities the truth has now come out in his most recent blog posts he writes:


If you have turned pages for me, I want to say a big “thank you”

HAHAHHAHAH too late Dr Dave! You should have done this WHEN your leaders helped you out, not after you’ve lost quite a few!

Dr Dave is someone who is not only obnoxious but also unthankful. It will only be time before his whole congregation will leave him


This “thank you” should have come a lot earlier!

Dr Dave’s ranting continues on his blog!

In his christmas post (http://armidalechurch.com/a-word-from-you-pastor-when-god-came-down/#respond) he says:

Why “X”- mas?

the “X” of Xmas remains as the symbol of the unknown

How can this idiot keep on propagating false misinformation?

If this idiot stopped gossiping and listening to gossip, he may read Wikipedia and find out: “Xmas” is an abbreviation of Christmas found particularly in print, based on the initial letter chi (Χ) in Greek Khrīstos (Χριστός), “Christ”, though numerous style guides discourage its use;[49] it has precedent in Middle English Χρ̄es masse (where “Χρ̄” is an abbreviation for Χριστός).[48]

The use of the “X” has NOTHING to do with censoring christians, or christ, but it’s short hand for Christ…

Another example of why this tool needs to be ousted from ACC!

Does anybody know what happened to that police investigation against Dr Dave for posting malicious information about St Marks?

Heard nothing of it so far :P

They’re cancelling their UNE Church night services throughout December and January if you didn’t know……… Bin Bogan must have felt guilty after he was “exposed” for trying to “f*** St Marks up the a**” (apparently Dr Dave’s words, not mine)

St Marks is really angry that Bin Bogan decided to steal the name “UNE Church” from St Marks

Armidale Church is NOT UNE Church

This name is reserved for St Marks


Also what sort of church holds their service at the Uni pub???

Are you an idiot?

“If you have turned pages for me, I want to say a big “thank you”—”

That’s the first time in a long time that you’ve done that Dave Bogan ;)

On 10 Sep 2014, it was leaked on this website:


On 21 Sep 2014, Dave Bogan said:

“I have a few more newsletters to write and sermons to preach (I trust)”

[So Dave Bogan still has no idea he is being “Julia Gillard-ed”]

Now come 11 Jan 2015 Dave Bogan has come out saying:

“Sunday 18th [January] is the end of… this Church and and… Christine and I”, “We leave Armidale”, “my last newsletter article closes”

So again someone sneaky from “senior leadership” has leaked that Dr Dave would be kicked out (with Dr Dave confirming 11 days later he had no idea of anything to this effect). Then come 3 months 21 days come later…. Dr Dave, obviously against his own wishes, “forcibly resigns”

Who the f*** is leaking s*** from ACC??????

Who’s the MOLE?

(Obviously the mole is someone from St Marks, perhaps Kye Single, the “trojan”????????)

If you don’t believe your eyes that Dr Dave has really been “removed”

Read it in his own words from the official church website:


There is one huge problem….

The leak said that they would take “1-2 years” to replace Dr Dave

This timing of 3 months 21 days is crazy!!!!

What’s up with this “sudden” departure???

Was some hidden evidence uncovered????

Why didn’t Dr Gave give the church a chance to adjust to find a new pastor???

Does he want to give the impression that “he dunnit all” and by departing let the whole thing collapse make it seem like “he is the big guy making it all work together”????????

Obviously knew he was going to get kicked out anyway so just thought “f*** this mob and their backstabbing antics, I’ve had enough of this – I’m off f***ers!”

I think that ACC wil be more successful withOUT dr dave than with…. Just my twopence……

This sudden departure of Dr Dave is unforuntately one of the best things that has happened in Armidale

He was consistently trying to point out all of the other problematic pastors in Armidale (which is true – a lot of them were bastards). But the issue is he couldn’t identify himself

For the past several years, he has still kept this consistent idea that the other pastors in Armidale are somehow evil and bad and that he is good. The problem is like the other bastard pastors around, he himself has become too old for any good

It’s good that he’s going – ACC can take a less offensive position against other churches

Will go down in history as someone who was great at preaching powerful messages, but a complete failure at doing what he preached

Also failed disastrously by not disclosing to church that Yvonne Misau Kafoa was divorced and had a profile on the same dating website as Nick Bavea

really surprised dr dave has resigned given that its going to seem like he resigned over the allegations – which by the way some of which is untrue – especially the part about him having “knowledge” of any of this garbage to do with yvonne kafoa – yvonne is a pathological liar who lied to dr dave and took advantage of him – just like she did with the head of school

It’s what happens when you “side” with leaders who don’t lead but follow. Dr Dave was never good at “leading leaders”. Dr Dave could only handle people around who were not leaders, but would follow his every word. The outcome of this is that the leaders who you’ve created just follow what you say, which is good… until it all goes against you, and the “leaders” who are with you are so weak, they can’t even say to have a backbone

Another way to put it:

When the leaders you have supporting you is a divorcee and a mental retard, you’re not going to stay in the top job for long!

dr dave’s departure will be a great testimony to how well he’s actually done over his past 15 years

has he created leaders?

or has he created followers?

many on this website have accused dr dave of creating followers, by forcing his own will onto others

now the acc will have its ultimate test :)

let’s see…

there’s also another thing which is that there may now be more breathing space for new leaders to prosper too!

Everybody who knows what “really happens” know that Dr Dave’s departure was inevitable

Because of actions that HE had done, there was no way but the leave

The final straw was lying about the fact that the Elders had already decided to ask Dr Dave to step down, and Dr Dave was well aware of this, but still tried to make as if though he was going to remain here for an indefinable time

Good bye Dr Dave

Best luck with whatever you decide to do in your future – Hopefully that is not pastoring. Better luck in another career!

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