Include and enable Traditional Medicine

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Include and enable Traditional Medicine

Why would anyone limit the resources available to people in need, while at the same time refusing to recognize and compensate valid legitimate traditional forms of medicine and those who provide service?

This is because insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals are being run like businesses that intend and whose objective is only to make profit, businesspeople and politicians who make policy only looking at profit and the bottom line, instead of caring about people and making policy looking at public health and well being. We can not allow the AMA to to deny valid legitimate forms of medicine and dictate what treatments people/patients can seek for their ailments and illnesses! "Americans should not be limited by the AMA as to what treatments they can seek for their ailments and illnesses". ---'Cherokee girl for change'

Healthcare proposals should include and enable recognizing and subsidizing traditional medicine (traditional forms of medicine/healing), with observation and regulation.

Traditional medicine is not covered or discussed nearly enough. Please be aware that what is being called alternative medicine, while newly popular and an effective and legitimate alternative to conventional allopathic (western) medicine is actually older than allopathic (western) medicine and are the traditional forms of medicine used by peoples all over the Earth for over 40,000 years at least, if not ages.

Please, consider the idea of compensation for traditional medicine, legitimate forms of traditional ('alternative') medicine and counseling, including faith based forms of traditional medicine, that are valid and do provide effective treatment to patients, in the healthcare bill, now, and require insurers to compensate or reimburse traditional medicine and health care. While this is an area that contains many opportunities for fraud, many forms of counseling and ('alternative') traditional medicine are legitimate, including faith (spiritual) based forms of traditional medicine. Most developed countries recognize both allopathic (western) medicine along with traditional forms of medicine, including faith (spiritual) based medicine.

The purpose of medicine is to deal with and treat the cause, a basic principle behind all forms of traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is proactive and preventive as well in treating the cause of illness, and maintaining health, in combination with allopathic medicine, which is meant to diagnose and treat the physical body, injury and trauma or traumatic injury, and typically addresses the symptoms with prescription medication while ignoring the cause and failing to provide proactive and preventive care. Some people argue that traditional medicine being covered by health care opens the door for fraud and 'quacks', and while this is an area that contains many opportunities for fraud, and we wouldn't want fakes, frauds and 'quacks' treating patients just to scam people and insurance companies, we see it as an opportunity to ensure that these are trained professionals and close the door on fraud and the 'quacks'! Traditional medicine is not meant to replace conventional allopathic medicine, instead meant to accompany and augment while offering an alternative to prescription medication, for those who seek an alternative to prescription medications and are presently being treated by traditional forms of medicine. Congress should enable faith based and other forms of traditional medicine along with allopathic (western) medical evaluation and treatment, as part of a comprehensive integrative approach to patient health and well being. As well, please, advocate for singlepayer healthcare, with Community First Choice Option and CLASS Act (for the elderly, handicapped, autistic, disabled, etc.); H.R. 676, H.R. 3200 & S. 703.

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