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This cause is important for our future. How or what is our future??? OUR children. We as an adult ,mother ,father,brother,sister,aunt,uncle,grandparents,family friends ect.... It does not matter how close you are with a child . you can always make a difference in a childs life. Just a smile first thing in the morning ,hey what s up in passing. well, it is that simple to make a difference. With that in mind we can make a hugh difference in a childs life by exposing the DEAD BEAT PARENT A.K.A S-E DONOR . Use this cause to expose,report,and even give leads as to where abouts of a DEAD BEAT PARENT.We can help the children just by taking a few minutes to put something on this link. Stop and think would you want somebody to make a difference for you or your children .Example(Wife remarried .she already had two chilren.that father is a dead beat.Now she has another child.The 2nd marriage does not work . This father (2nd) figures well, he walked out and does not pay child support.So I am not either .Now you have 3 children without a father but not only that but they are risk for physical abuse ,drug abuse ,sexual abuse,ect... How you ever asked or thought why are our county, state,federal prisons over populated?? When does it start for a child as to when it is determined who what how that child will turn out . Well, that is determined when the child is an infant . Because their brains are just like a sponge. absorb everything tones of voices,reactions,the surroundings they live in .So please let make a difference in a childs life. let expose the dead beat parent. may be by doing so it will enalbe a child to eat everyday,have heat,or medication,transportation to the doctor s .Just maybe a child could be able to go to college . Lets do this together and allow the child to reach for the stars and the moon. Please just dont forget you were a child once. Please just help by giving any information on a DEAD BEAT PARENT!! Just give brief description. You will see what the community does when you give them something to work with . Especially when it can make a hugh impact for a child.Try i promise you will love the reward you feel in your head and heart.Cause when you feel that reward you will just have to just imagine how wonderful it is for that child to maybe have food everyday,go to college,medication,gas money to go to dr s ,ect.... So please take time to helpl . you dont have to be a parent to help. teacher,a store clerk,bus driver,nurse,waitress,crossing guard,firefighter,you are the answer to help any and every child in this world.Put aside your busy ,demanding life for just one min. Please. Just report Who the parent is .If you are aware of their (New)location,job ,ect... anything that will expose them and most importantly justice for a child.Any and all information will help. We will just have to put piece together .Together we will find them and make them own up to your child ,my child,your bestfriends child,whatever the case maybe.So please lets start now.It s NEVER to late to help. Post ANY & ALL information you can about the dead beat parent. please help a child any child

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