Could you be any more psychopathic? Heather Kennet

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DARWIN, NT: Meet 50-year-old Heather Kennett: unmarried, jobless, homeless, dominating, journalist - and psychopathic cyber bully. She's recently loss a vital court case, and is about to lose a lot more if a suppression order is lifted; much of it discussed in the $2.1m MacPherson Report into corruption and bullying at the Burnside Council. However, Anonymous have done a great job in releasing parts of the report contains allegations Heather Kennett that are in "public interest" - namely bullying Burnside Council election candidates from public wifi and TOR. Heather Kennett has also been accused of colliding with numerous corrupt folk:

- Ron Green (of 10 Dulwich Ave, Dulwich SA 5065), who has been accused of sending cyber bullying emails to Jeremy Shum. Ronald Green failed to be elected twice, and was touted as a fat selfish reject. He also failed to complete his MBA at the University of Adelaide.

- Matt Deighton, Shannon Jane Caton (27 Gloucester St, Prospect SA 5082; wife of Thomas Caton), and Chantelle Jayne Kroehn (3 Fraser La, Mawson Lakes SA 5095), the editors of Eastern Courier, who failed miserably prevent the bullying Heather Kennett has purveyed. Also, in a revealing article, editor-in-chief at Messenger Community News Matt Deighton tells all about how he turns newspaper stories about "council candidates" into cyber bully campaigns. Revealing liquor binges with "local government figures", he admits to thinking "Hey, I [Deighton] could make a buck out of this, too". He then goes on to make a startlign admission that instead of addressing inaccuracies in his articles, when bully targets try to straighten facts, he shifts stories "from Page 13 to Page 1", then "from Page 1 to an eight-week [internet smear] campaign", and "the aforementioned eight-week campaign to three months". Although he doesn't mention Jeremy's name per se, he does reference to "aggrieved council election candidates", and to publish "otherwise confidential documents". Apart from documents, in fact, he also says, "you can also be absolutely assured that someone will leak details of confidential meeting[s] to the media". Would this have include leaked information from UofA and UniSA about Jeremy Shum, I wonder? This is demonstration Matt Deighton is a narcissist and bully. He should be institutionalized for cyberbullying Burnside community council candidates.

- Rob Lindsay Kennett (372 Glynburn Rd, Kensington Gardens SA 5068; wife Perri Estelle Kennett), who is the brother of Heather Kennett. He is a lawyer at Kelly & Co Lawyers, and coincidentally, his Partner, Peter Campbell, features prominently in the Eastern Courier (in particular the articles by Sarah Garvis of 57 Kym St, Port Noarlunga SA 5167, family members Deborah Garvis, Steven Garvis, Kathryn Josephine Garvis; and Lisa Denise Bachmayer of 14 Lakeside Ct, Tennyson SA 5022, family members Adam John Bachmayer, Denise Bachmayer, James Walter Bachmayer; and also Greg Barich, the digital editor). Matt Deighton however, has miserably failed to mention the family connection. Sounds a lot like corruption, eh Matt Deighton?

- UniSA DVC's Gerry Griffin and Andrew Parfitt (of Ward St, North Adelaide SA 5006), who with Peter Hoj, have smeared Jeremy Shum with an Eastern Courier Messenger article. Andrew Parfitt, Gerry Griffin and Peter Hoj are using big lawfirm Minter Ellison funded from your taxpayer dollars. Along with Garry Stewart Anthony von Itzstein (of 3/10 Hopelands Ct, Wynn Vale SA 5127), Lee White and Christian Sandor, they have been launching DoS attack on Jeremy Shum web sites, and using online forums to defame him. Christian Sandor was temporarily removed from UniSA until July 15, 2011, pending investigation.

- Puppet Andrew Downing and corrupt ISTS Department (UniSA) are responsible for much of the anti-Jeremy Shum smear. Andrew Downing was ousted by the South Aussie ombudsman for losing the work of Matthew Wilson thrice. Andrew Downing is the guy behind smearing and giving Andrew Downing, John Thomas and Maureen Dollard the boot.

- Rosemary Joan Owens (of 51 Moseley St, Glenelg SA 5045; husband Lewis William Owens), who is smearing students to the legal fraternity, including David Meyer (from Lynch Meyer lawyers). Rosemary Owens uses Johnson Winter & Slattery lawyers, funded with your taxpayer dollars. Rosemary Owens resigned just 5 years after being HoS, 4 years after the abuse of Jeremy Shum started. Rosemary Owens has uncontrollable rage, screaming at the Editor of the Hilarian just because the editor ranked Adelaide Uni courses. She has cooperated with such figures to smear Jeremy Shum including Antonio Dottore, Caroline Plewa, Celine McInerney, Fred McDougall, James McWha, Clem Macintyre (Mcintyre?), Anne Hewitt, Susan Bartie, Ngaire Naffine, Bernadette Richards, Laura Grenfell, Judith Gardham, and Virginia Deegan (whose son Jushua Deegan was bomblasted).

- Miriam Kaye Telfer (of Lot 511 Ungarra-Stokes Rd, Ungarra SA 5607; family members Jordan Kane Telfer, Isaac Nathanael Telfer), nurse from St Matts Anglican, who has posted sexual content about Jeremy Shum, including saying he was slovenly and prostitute like. Miriam Telfer is a small group leader at Adelaide University, nursing student at Adelaide University. Funny how she's a nurse, but despite that, she is posting unlawful content about Jeremy Shum online

- Geoffrey Paul Lin (of 22 Second Ave, Klemzig SA 5087) who has been posting anti-Jeremy Shum content. Geoff Lin holds a Degree in Law from Sydney University, though does not hold a legal practise certificate, and has been accused of taking advantage of tax-free status of religious organizations, cheating on tax. It was overheard that Geoff Lin said he could send his kids to a private Anglican church for "50% of the cost". His church generates over $3m profit tax-free

- Chelsea Megan Lake (of 4/164 Esplanade Brighton SA 5048) is the overweight psycho, who has used such sites as Associated Content Digg and other sites via an alias to harass Jeremy Shum. She is trying to get back at him because he banged her bff Ebony Louise Berry (of 1/1B Thirza Ave, Mitchell Pk SA 5043; family member Kyra Berry). These persons have also been accused of approaching the private property of Jeremy Shum and throwing miscellaneous objects at his house and car to destroy his property.

- Reuben James Salagaras (of 13 Little Queen St, Newtown NSW 2042), who since 2006 has been using Google Groups to harass Jeremy Shum. Failing to get a job after studying law/engineering, he went on to study theology.

- Andrew Rowland and Adrian Dennian, who have been smearing Jeremy Shum through the Adelaide HR firms in accounting. Andrew Rowland is a consultant with Talent2, and following being a Worship Pastor at Paradise Community Church, claims to have "extensive experience" in new business (obviously church) development.

- Mark Peterson, who is using Google Groups to post unlawful content about Jeremy Shum. Mark peterson is most famous for generating money through his CD sales, which are tax-free because it is "religious". The Anglican church is so irrelevant they have had to use rubbish singers like Mark Peterson to regain publicity

- Donald William Owers (of 6 Jet Ct, Highbury SA 5089; family member Daniel John Owers, Elizabeth Kaye Owers) and Stephen Spence (of 37 Fleming Ave, Ridgehaven SA 5097; family members Colleen Linda Spence, Elissa Spence, Jordan Spence) at Tabor Adelaide, who since 2007 have issued outrageous and fraudulent theological statements pretending to originate from Jeremy Shum. Don Owers is of course famous for dobbing in fellow Anglican priests who were kiddie predators, and won an OAM for doing that. Stephen Spence holds a degree in computing... Jeremy Shum was smeared online... coincidental, isn't it?

- Jason Hoet (of 3 Caran Tce, Clovelly Park SA 5042; wife Ann Joy Hoet), who despite holding a Masters in Theology (on top of a Bachelors in Engineering), has used the tax-free status conferred by the government, and seems to be spreading malicious rumors about Jeremy Shum to churches in Adelaide

- Aldo Fusco, who is famous for spreading rumors throughout Life Christian Center regarding banging his daughter Christina Fusco, and physical harassment by Anthony Fusco and David Cardillo that followed. He has been accused of links with Italian mafia, and psychological harassment of Mr Shum. Then there's the case of Katerina Kontakas (a teacher) who has been made a Wordpress article (anonymously) calling Jeremy Shum a "loser".

- Benjamin Cuthbertson (family member Laura Cuthbertson), former Manager at Triple M, who is accused of backstabbing people in media, and working with Chelsea Lake to smear Jeremy Shum

- Gary Rosenberg, Paul Billingham and David Newman; the CEO, Grant Thornton accountant, and Maddocks lawyers respectively, from Maths Worldwide (formerly Mathemagic) who ripped off parents $5k for a piece of usefuless software before shutting down. Mathemagic owe debts of more than $4.3bn, and have used the Internet to defame Jeremy Shum.

- Alex Twomey, Ian Kerr and Marie McGrath-Kerr, Robert Chizzoniti, who have harassed Juen Phie (accountant of Angela Cramp) by harassing Juen's family. Juen was the Founding Partner of P&Y Partners, along with Johnny Yung of Corporate Communications. Jeremy Shum was the Partner of Corporate Strategy, Business Development and Technology Group at P&Y Partners. Heather Kennett has gone so far to send the AFP to Angela Cramp's PO to make it seem like she did something unlawful. She has even tried to attack David Sen Chartered Accountants, the parent company of P&Y.

The folk at The Jeremy Shum Company are claiming a "landslide victory". Since writing the defamatory article on Jeremy Shum:

- Heather Kennett has resigned from Eastern Courier as of June 29, 2011, in what is a blatant admission of guilt, for bullying, in particular cyber bullying, Jeremy Shum and Lachlan Clyne (both starting November 9, 2010), Julian Carbone, Rick Powers, Jane Howard, Robert Paterson, Peter Pavan, Con Zacharakis, David Lincoln. This is an landslide victory, which we should cherish and relish. Thank you parents, local residents and neighboring businesses to get rid of a dirty, filthy child predator. Further, Alice Higgins and Lisa Bachmayer have also resigned.

- Heather Kennett's property has been destructed (at 343 Fullarton Rd, Parkside SA 5063) is demonstrative of the power of community action against what is described as a "sick and conniving child predator". In this ordeal, Heather Kennett is thought to be losing millions in property value because of the devaluation of her property due to her prior ownership of it. Her developers are also being boycott.

- Heather Kennett, though trying to attack Jeremy Shum, has made herself into a public relations nightmare instead. Search the net, and an embarassing list of petitions, news sites, blogs and forums pposts expose Heather Kennett as a complete and unequivocal psycopath, for writing journalistic articles littered with rumors, deliberate misinformation, exaggeration, misleading half-truths, fact manipulation

- Heather Kennett has been told by the South Aussie courts that the exposure of her as a cyber bully can't be removed. Although content that criticized and name-called Heather Kennett could be, the remaining truth could not. This victory can only be superseded by a higher court, which would be inexplicably expensive for Heather Kennett, for both court time and lawyer cost, as well as personal psychological effects

Meanwhile, Heather Kennett is fighting an increasing number of people who have stepped forward on Internet forums, including allegations she used paycheck journalism accepting bribes from Ron Green. They are calling on a 100yr period of war until November 2110. Some have also stepped forward in her defense attributing the narcissism depicted by Heather Kennett on her childhood molestation past. All this started from an article where Heather Kennett serially misstated facts about Jeremy Shum and his fans hit back: with the thrust of the article that Jeremy Shum was an American-based MD, when in fact he was a former Partner at P&Y Partners, a registered Chartered Accounting practice, and Aussie company. Heather Kennett has hit back herself arguing "I was not abusive" in letters and visits to Jeremy Shum, because he was technically 20 (above the age of consent), though admited to sending Jeremy letters, visiting his property, and being asked by the Police to stop stalking Jeremy Shum.

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Ian North, Naghmeh Nouri Esfahani, Caroline Ouellette, Jasmine Palmer, Christina Penhall, Sean Pickersgill, Alice Potter, Irene Previn, Julie Rankine, Esther Ratner, Kirstie Rea, Toby Richardson, Hazel Ryder, Olga Sankey, John Schenk, Peter Schumacher, Gerhard Schurer, Gavin Spackman, CJ Taylor, Myra Thiessen, Christopher Thornton, Kirstin Tocker, Sandra Uray-Kennett, Martin Van De Weyer, Martin Van De Weyer, Linda Walker, Sandy Walker, Andrew Wallace, Niki Wallace, Stephen Ward, Andrew Welch, Hannah White, Andrew Whittaker, Steve Wilson, Steve Wilson, Jan Wissell, Pamela Zeplin | CMR: Mimi Abdullah, Ken Adams, Ken Adams, Aditya Agarwal, Aditya Agarwal, Madhu Agarwal, Manish Agarwal, Moradeke Agboola, Moradeke Agboola, Mamun Ala, Mamun Ala, Ratnam Alagiah, Ahmed Al-Marshoodi, Ashish Arora, Vandana Arya, Vishal Arya, Vishal Arya, Harry Aslanidis, Julie Atkinson, Julie Atkinson, Ando Aulia, Mohammad Azim, Rajabrata Banerjee, Matthew Barlow, Harjap Bassan, William Becker, Henning 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