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there was previously a web site www.unechurch.wordpress.com, that although now has been taken offline, was clearly set up by someone at armidale community church. why? because the website had announced something regarding a new "une church" web service before the church service was even announced to the public, meaning that it had to be someone very senior in leadership involved with the creation of the une service

after pastor david logan was criticised for employing one "yvonne kafoa", who was called a "gold digger" for marrying a 70 year old head of school of computers, the whole website suddenly dissapeared. someone has overheard one of the pastors at st marks suggesting that there may have been some sort of sex scandal occurring over at armidale church linking david logan and yvonne kafoa

i find all of this incredibly strange and coincidental, and i ask members of armidale community church who know what happened to step forward and to say the truth - because the truth shall set you free!i think there are a lot of guilty souls right now at armidale church...

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