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Stereo Dynamite Recordings  Riot Rock Management Stereo Dynamite Recordings Riot Rock Management http://www.stereodynamite.com
First Last First Last Now that virtually everybodyís got their final results I donít see what the problem still is! :| 1) For those who waited anxiously for your result, Kim Parsons only had 2 weeks to get the work back to you (if you didnít ask for an extension). She was also only responsible for the Global Health stream. The stream co-ordinators were responsible for getting the work back to Kim, and you were responsible for getting the supervisor report back to Kim. On the other hand, Nerida Paterson has had 3 months and we STILL havenít heard anything back from our MCQs. Why arenít you picking on her?? 2) For those of you whoíve failed, have you thought that it maybe out of Kimís control? Say if your supervisor failed you, how can Kim change that?? Or if you yourself handed in your final report late, you just didnít fulfill the requirements of the course. Also have you even tried to find out why you failed instead of throw a juvenile hissy fit? Maybe you would find that if you acted like a grown up
John Smit John Smit http://www.my-cause.com/year_3_of_newcastle_medicine_needs_to_be_rewritten http://www.thepetitionsite.com/259/045/860/scrap-the-disastrous-year-3-of-the-uon-jmp-and-move-to-a-md-degree/#sign http://year3med.epetitions.net/ https://newcastlemedicine.wordpress.com/2014/12/04/nerida-paterson/comment-page-1/#comment-7

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