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Cambodia’s serious problems are its low rank on the human development index resulting in widespread poverty, the social problems of prostitution and sex trafficking, the increase of drug and alcohol abuse and the high prevalence of HIV/Aids. The program of CCDF is providing access to education for the poor, expanding economic and employment opportunities through training and addressing issues and needs of the vulnerable groups in the society. The components contain general education, English language, vocational skills, drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The program will be located in six Provinces of Cambodia. CCDF plans to have 300 - 1,000 participants in each center. The land and infrastructure requirements contain 300 - 1,000 hectares for each center and buildings for schools, such as job-training center, Car and vehicle repair center, drug rehabilitation center, vocational center, agricultural production based on self-reliance and support.

The proposed project is designed with more focus on self-sufficiency and sustainability. It is anticipated that all CCDF Centers will attain self-sufficiency and generate income for all operating cost and general expenses within three years of operation. CCDF is convinced that it will succeed in its mission and deliver a superior set of programs.

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