Wendy Lin steps up to defend hubby on kiddy porn

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Rev. Geoff Lin is God's holy man who's meant to help the helpless - but meet Rev Geoffrey Lin: a great man of smear!

On Sunday January 29, 2012, I (Geoffrey Lin) has tried to drag out the big guns in the South Australian Police force, to for a second time, accuse Jeremy Shum (who was involved with the Burnside Council elections 2010) for ousting him to the Anglican Diocese for engagement in child pornography and child sex abuse, according to iPetitions.com. However, the team at Shum's say there is no evidence to show Shum made these claims - but that "one does wonder why the investigation occurred if it [Geoff Lin views child pornography and engages in child sex abuse] is untrue". It then goes on to say the process was rescinded because of "lack of available evidence", noting that Mr. Lin has a law degree to defend himself with.

If you think these allegations that Geoff are making are vexatious, look at what his white bimbo wife (Wendy, with the self stylized surname Lin) has to say here: http://ministry-wives.blogspot.com/2009/10/interview-with-wendy-lin.html

"There has also been one specific challenge. A few years ago Geoff was the target of a smear campaign. It was incredibly unsettling and upsetting (although more so for me than him). I felt attacked and threatened, and wanted to rise up and defend Geoff. At the time, I also felt quite unsafe. However, the unstinting support of our church community, family and friends was wonderful, which made us even more grateful for them."

But that's beside the point of what iPetitions really implicates Mr. Lin for. It states that he is a youth worker with the AFES (Evangelical Union aka Envangelical Students), who, inter alia:

- Geoff Lin tries to convince students anabaptists/presbyterian christians are “evil”, and that all apart of AFES (despite being “non-denominational”) should switch allegiances to his Holy Trinity Church - but fails to remind them more people at his church, means more dollars, and hence higher salary rates

- Geoff Lin is described psychoanalytically as “arrogant”, “rude” and “close-minded”

- Instead of using his law degree (from the University of Sydney) to find a “proper job”, Geoffrey Lin tries to solicit money from “university students” by cocky-ing out his law degree

- Geoffrey Lin was also described as having the “s*** beaten out of him” by the Atheists club at UofA. In it, he “smirks” despite losing the God argument

- Geoff Lin is also most famous for making the joke that he wanted to be an Anglican priest so he could send his kids to St Peters (a private Anglican school) for 50% of the cost – and though it was a joe, was completely and utterly inappropriate

Information also enlisted includes:

- Holy Trinity Adelaide has 3 campuses and employes 44 people, with $2.2m on just the payroll (assuming each person earns $50k ONLY). Now you know what your offering is going towards. At the church, I once heard a pastor brag about getting free fringe benefits, and being able to send his kids to their prestigious Anglican private schools at 50% of the cost. So this is not to remember the millions of tax-free dollars Holy Trinity earns via its private schools, and capital gains on property given to it by the government for free 50 odd years ago.

- Miriam Telfer (Nurse from St. Kensington’s Anglican Church) in a cat fight online! She was described by a colleague as a leader of a small group at Adelaide University, whilst studying nursing there. She also attended St. Matthew’s Church in Kensington. Apparently, she shared to the third party about some sexually deviant practices, which accordingly showed she was not “clean”, that she was “hypocritical” and “faking”. She said Miriam Telfer “can’t” lead a small group, and likely suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, saying a ghost was out to get her. Miriam Telfer was described as a “sociopath”.

- Ps Reuben Salagaras, originally from St Matthew’s Kensington Anglican Church, was the president of the Evangelical Union (EU) AFES Evangelical Students. He studied law/engineering, but falling to get a job, went to study ministry. He has been referred to as “arrogant” and “proud”. He was told to be “controlling” and “dominating”. He has been accused of spending $70k in taxpayer dollars, then going to religious studies.

- Ps Mark Peterson (also Holy Trinity Adelaide) was accused of being there just to sell his private CD’s and website merchandise. He is accused of being an “annoyance” and was “threatening”, that he was “irrelevant”, “arrogant”, “cocking” with “strong opinions” but little “empirical evidence”. His theology was also described as “heterical”. He was described as a “dog” out to get your money (via donations), preying on the weak, and profiting from religion. He was also desired as “cocky”, “arrogant”, and that he shouldn’t be a pastor. Mark Petrson is said to be the person in charge of music, using pop song-sounding jingles to attract people, using things like “musical atmosphere” (like a U2 concert). Similarly, Mark Peterson would try to convince everybody secular music was “evil”, and that they should listen to HIS “Christian” music. Also interesting is this early church heresy of the false dichotomy between flesh and spirit (i.e. the more spiritual you want to be, the less “flesh” you have to be). These people thus believed Jesus was not human because if he was human he cannot be godly. Therefore, to be more “godlier”, they need to be less into “worldy” music. This is the false theology that Mark Peterson is promulgating! Mark Peterson was also described as “looking like he’s got psychological issues”, most likely schizophrenia.

Anyway, one just wonders why the folks at the Shum Camp haven't yet lodged a complaint with the Police Complaints Authority, which among other things, should claim:

- Of his responses to a questioning police officer, Jeremy stated "I am not going to write something in the newspaper if that's what you want me to do" on one occasion, and was also asked about who his supporters were (which is politically sensitive information).

- That since 2006, Jeremy has been subjected to online bullying, and there is publicly available evidence that this originated from UniSA. However, no computers have been seized apart from the Shum's - notably, that of Geoffrey Lin, Heather Kennett and Christian Sandor, who continue to target Jeremy online with defamatory statements - such as that he is gay, stealing his identity to perpetrate this harassment and bullying.

- That the police have for the past three occasions shown up on a Sunday (the Holy day of rest), with clear knowledge that Jeremy is Christian.

- In what is a clear fishing expedition, the police have over the past seven years, seized the Shum camp's computers three times, spoken to Jeremy perhaps seven times, and despite not finding a shred of evidence each time, continue to seize their computers whensoever they feel right to. Talk about a bully tactic, Mr. Jim Jeffery!

- Given that this is already the 3rd strike, if there is again no evidence this time round, this bullying behavior must cease and desist - and a court order should be sought next time to search (cf. the whim of a senior police officer).

PS: This is a parody, and shouldn't be taken as statement of fact

Jeff responded:

> What I find particularly interesting is why the South Australian Police have executed a computer seizure warrant for the Shum camp, based upon the fact there is highly implicating evidence that is supposedly RECENT, when in fact the Shumeister wasn't even within that jurisdiction at the time. In other words, it is IMPOSSIBLE this evidence exists for the "reason to suspect" - and the Police are blatantly "fishing" for evidence. And let me remind you, within a 7 year period, this has already been the 3rd time. Don't you think that SAPOL would actually act principled and ethically, and conduct a search on say Rev Geoffrey Lin, Ms Heather Kennett, or Dr Christian Sandor? And also- why isn't SAPOL finding anything???????????

> Just goes to show what lengths Jim Jeffery and his pals at the SAPOL Hi-Tech Crime Center will go to narcissistically attempt to hurt others. This guy is a psychopath - just read about how he tried to severe freedom of religion with regard to Ps. Rocco Leo!

Bentley then replied:

> Add to the above several comments I heard were stated by SAPOL:

> - "If it's not you [Jeremy], it could be anyone off the streets": Are you kidding me? Three computer seizures in 7 years, based upon the remote fact it COULD be him? Pfft...

> - They were apparently taking photographic video content of children under the age of 15: This is blatant intimidation that undermines even the most harassing of current affair programs

> - Det Insp Jim Jeffery who stated "We will take your computer for a couple of weeks", whch in fact turned out to be just over 8 months. For a superintendent, this guy is deceitful and dishonest.

> And as the zillions of documents online suggest, we know the connections between SAPOL, Rosemary Owens, Adelaide Uni, and the University of South Australia.

> All we can wonder, is in an interstate jurisdiction, where you can't use "reasonable cause to suspect" and ask a senior police officer - but rather get a court order, a judge - whether they'll let 'em through the hoop.

> I sense a Police Complaints Authority investigation :)

Mr Head then replied:

> Apparently, somebody put Geoff Lin's face on a gay sex image and posted it to the whole of Mr. Lin's church - Rev. Geoff Lin accuses Jeremy Shum for doing that.

> I'd say Lin is a tad paranoid there.

> No one is out to get you, Rev Geoff and Wendy Lin

Rose then said:

> Don't forget the hyper continuous phone calls that Rosemary Owens is making to the Shum camp, faking to be Australian Federal Police investigators - I'd say, impersonating a police officer - federal offense?

> Oh - can I add this is the same Geoff in who went around to all of Jeremy's social circle smearing that he had apparently posted defamatory content about him. Geoff Lin is a sociopath.

Source: http://www.droppedthebomb.com/confession/Meet-me-Geoffrey-Lin-%28Holy-Trinity%29---accused-of-child-porn-abuse/13510





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