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Rahmad Rahmad Rahmad Rahmad Cool game. Here i actually waentd El Salvador to make it for mis guanacos but that last penalty play was harsh. The foul from the EEUU portero was pretty nasty, result of being tired. But when Pef1a came in so aggressively it really surprised me. I was here at the game in Rio Tinto Stadium in 2009 and I was there for the refs' calls in the US's favor, didn't always agree. But he was right to call the game early in this one. He is the boss and it was getting out of hand in the field.
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Barry Lynch Barry Lynch If there was a official behind the goal at the Ireland v France match that goal would never have stood, and Ireland wouldn't feel cheated out of not reaching the World Cup. Yes Ireland could have still lost, on penalties, or whatever, but the reason people would be using would be Ireland's poor finishing. Instead we are talking players being cheats/officials not being good enough and FIFA getting what they want at the expense of Ireland. Games are won and lost by goal mouth incidents, such as, was it over the line or not, BLATANT handballs, even diving to win penalties! All it takes is 2, or even just 1 official behind each goal, to combat all these incidents and stop letting poor refereeing decisions deciding the outcome of very very important games! All the things that go on in the penalty box for free kicks, it is hard for the ref to see it all. Lets sort something out to help them!
Michael Hynan Michael Hynan
eric frazer eric frazer cheated, we won on the pitch over the two legs, we won the worlds attention, we won because all our players were winners, we lost because of a cheat and an inadaquate system of referring!Well done Ireland!HENRY! tricherie de la merde
Cait  Dunphy Cait Dunphy
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