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ADAM JIVRAJ ADAM JIVRAJ Obama 2008. Yes We Can!!!
JACK DUNNING JACK DUNNING "Obama is the change we need in this country. From a much-needed revamp in the current healthcare system to an investment in the future of our environment
CHRIS WOOD CHRIS WOOD "I usually identify as an independent
STEVAN HOWE STEVAN HOWE My name is Jose Lara Jr. I'm 24 years old and I belong to the laborers union local 242. I'm a huge supporter for Barrack Obama mainly because he has been very vocal for the working class and a strong supporter for the unions. He gets my vote.
CHRIS BATES CHRIS BATES "I would like to inform you that my family is praying for win. God is Great
CRAIG COLIN FIGG CRAIG COLIN FIGG I have been a Barack Obama supporter from the beginning. I believe that he should be our next President. We need someone in office who has not been tainted by too much political gain.
RIC HIGSON RIC HIGSON Barack actually got one more delegate vote in Nevada even though Hillary took first place. The establishment-Democr ats are scared of Barack and the momentum that we have seen over the...
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