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Erik Meares Erik Meares
bebo Shui bebo Shui
Truman Gleason Truman Gleason
Rebecca Ceballos Rebecca Ceballos
cassandra wayland cassandra wayland waiting til marriage is a personal & can be a spiritual chocie ppl make and i wish some ppl had more respect, & didnt stereotype it. im waiting til marriage becuase i dont want to disrespect myself & how can anyone doesnt matter if its man or women respect someone who has slept will half a villiage or does it with just anyone. some of my mates know of my chocie & dont care, its my chocie it doesnt affect them and thats how it should be, today the topic was brought up,& when i said what was my chocie two of my friends slamed it down, making it seem like a stupid idea, well they wont think its a stupid when their wedding comes along & finding their marraige sex life difficult because they slept around and so its old, nothing new & lost its specialness. this is a chocie between me, the goddess vesta & the man i will someday marry, & it wouldnt kill ppl to show respect for others chocies, i dont look down on others, dont sterotype them & only want the same in return.
Amy Siegel Amy Siegel
Alicia christangirl1234 Alicia christangirl1234 i love god and i promised him and i will not break that promise
Sarah Kinsman Sarah Kinsman I admit that it can be difficult to imagine myself waiting all the way until marriage, but then I read the Bible and realize on how much I'd be missing out on and how badly I'd be hurting my relationship with God & Jesus. I am willing to wait, because my body belongs to God first and I want to keep it holy for him. My body belongs to my HUSBAND (not crush, boyfriend, fiance, best friend) only. Praying definitely helps, and talking to trusted Christian adults. I know I can do it (stay pure until marriage)! I won't give up! :)
Ross Ross Ross Ross
Rachel Vaughn Rachel Vaughn
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