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Lisa Hudson Lisa Hudson
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jacob meredith jacob meredith
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Jeremy  Sellers Jeremy Sellers Ultimate definitely deserves to be in the Olympics!!
Sonia Sonia Sonia Sonia Considering the impossible and daugreons pollution in China, I'm sure some of the athletes would be happy with a change in venue, rather late that it is. The demonstrations over the torch are unprecedented. Anarchy, not good sportsmanship. I'm sure that the Olympic Committee is in shock. http://yygxisodbf.com [url=http://ddfegtmst.com]ddfegtmst[/url] [link=http://ttfsix.com]ttfsix[/link]
Aleksei Aleksei Aleksei Aleksei Well, the Taiwanese *still* get to proudly dilapsy their flags at the Little League World Series in my hometown of Williamsport, PA. These days I'm a San Franciscan, and public expressions of Nationalist Chinese or Taiwanese pride seem to have totally disappeared with the years here. What I don't get is why those Chinese 'speznaz' troops in blue track suits were in control of "flame security" in London/Paris/SF. Very rough fellahin, them guys. They roughed up runners in all three cities, and even--reports say--London police. What's up with that? Well, I might guess the Reds just don't trust us yokels to do the rough stuff so they have to do it themselves. Perhaps the poor dears should carry the Torch through Sydney in one of their tanks, Tienamen-style--not to mention getting it through Tibet. How sporting would that be?
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Karolina Karolina Karolina Karolina Mr. Tan, I tend to agree what lies in the success of the Olympics Opening Ceremony hinegd mostly on the last of your 3 in 1 combination of factors you mentioned.Many people still has a misconception about how to get things done or how things are actually done in China.Perhaps in our own democratic system, we are always talking about those 99 ways out of 100 available which are not workable, and we are left to find that 1 way which might really work, which we then need to seek "approval" from Authorities. By then , we are already lacking in the "warmth" to get things done to the best.To China, perhaps "focus and discipline" could be just on that 1way that really works to achieve the best. And if "focus" is complemented by "warmth" personally in getting things done ... you see the results.Personally, I find it could be even faster and easier to get simple things done in China, that is if we know the right way. Perahps, we are still wrongly assumming th
Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan I am currently teanhicg the Joker's Waltz to a seventh grader, and have a question about pedaling. No pedal marks are given at the very beginning, but there is a simile marking at the bottom of the first page. Does this apply to the entire piece or just those places where the music is similar?
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