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chelsea pegram chelsea pegram it is a very entertaining and competitive game
Michael Nally Michael Nally Please put ultimate in the 2016 Olympics
Peter  Mr. Peter Mr. It is an inexpensive sport that can be utilized in the Olympics with great surrounding scenery and an unknown, populous fan-base. The only down-fall is regulation in this sport. It cannot be viewed professional when rules are only enforced by players, not at a scene as enormous as the Olympic one. However, ultimate frisbee has potential!!!
Eric Dahms Eric Dahms
jack black jack black
Hannah Watts Hannah Watts
Michael Ray Mauricio Michael Ray Mauricio This is a good request! When photos about the olympics were scattered in the internet, I was looking for Ultimate Frisbee and I just realized that it is not considered a sport in the Olympics. I hope that in the next olympics, this sport will be included already. It would be more fun to watch the olympics 2012 if ultimate was there :)
Christophe Browne Christophe Browne I think this sport really does revolve around a lot of sportsmanship an this game is also really tiring but it is worth playing ad even watching. This sports combines with a lot of different spots and it so much fun playing. Listen to me I am guy how started playing when I was 13 and I am 17 now and I have played in 3 tournaments and i just found it was a lot of fun
Immanuel Venegas Immanuel Venegas
Guila Bautista Guila Bautista
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