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Tomym Johansson Tomym Johansson Add this to the olympics! This sport shows the true meaning of teamwork and camaraderie. It also builds good spirits in the team.
Grace Alibadbad Grace Alibadbad
Gracia Rosella Gracia Rosella
Martin Jose Agsunod Martin Jose Agsunod
Paolo Peralta Paolo Peralta
carl kenneth baldeo carl kenneth baldeo
dominique marie figueroa dominique marie figueroa
Deo Alphonse Dia Deo Alphonse Dia
Alessandra Imazio Alessandra Imazio I know its to late to try and get ultimate into the 2012 olympics but we can always try for 2016 and 2020.....and any time after that. I think it a great sport and I have been playing it for five years now and would love to see it played in the olympics. Woop Woop....
Caroline Wells Caroline Wells Ultimate frisbee encompasses strength, endurance and sportsmanship. This sport should be incorporated into the Olympic games!
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