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Diego ADrian Perez Ochoa Diego ADrian Perez Ochoa This sport must be part of the olimpic games, because is centred more around the Spirit of the Game: Ultimate stresses sportsmanship and fair play.
Sarah Talbert Sarah Talbert This sport takes talent, dedication, and amazing team play. It would be such an awesome addition to the "2016" Olympics. I really hope that this petition can bring ultimate frisbee into world focus.
Brent Burford Brent Burford Ultimate should most definitely be a part of the Olympic Games!
Amanda Colliatie Amanda Colliatie
Nathaniel Boggs Nathaniel Boggs
Lucas Van Natter Lucas Van Natter I play competitive Frisbee and this sport has seemed to be one of the most active and friendship game around. I would watch every game if it were in the Olympics
Colin Feely Colin Feely
JosH Dalton JosH Dalton Ultimate has the best elements of the best sports, has the best catches, and the best defense i have seen in any sport. its nearly non stop game play means you have to be skilled and as athletic than any other sport out there.
Zachary Carter Zachary Carter
marcos baugh marcos baugh
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