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hi there,i will get straight to the point.i am dying a thousand deaths a day living in this political money grabbing political class division society we are forced to live in.

well i have had enough ,i want out.i want a place i can live out my ideal utopian way of living a place without the need to create money on a daily basis .a place where money is useless,a place where you can erect a shack or some shelter to call your own without restraints or permission.a place where you can grow vegtables and fruit on a patch of ground to feed yourself.

and you know what i want to live at that place with other like mind people.no modern pressures of urban life.

i want to start a comune in scotland.to do this i either need a very kind landowner with enough space to accomodate a small comune of say 100 people to start off with,then if success is with us,then we can expand with a collective group behind us.another way maybe of getting land is to give up our wealth for the ideal dream and group to succeed.so we all give up our possesions and money and buy the dream life.if anyone out there is serious about this as i am please p0lease make this happen it can you know.i am not alone i have two supporters already,get in touch immediately you life is running out.if you can help my cause please contact me on tony.hosking@aol.com landowners i appeal to you.thank you for reading my life calling

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