Time to change child support and child custody law

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It is time to change child support and custody laws to meet the 21st century. It is time the courts start pushing for shared custody, with minimal child support and give more rights to men when it comes to support and custody. Time to start treating fathers like fathers and not paychecks. Time to stop child support recipients from using child support as a weapon of destruction for the payer both mentally and financially. It is time to amend the legislation to have children of divorce raised by both parents and not one. To stop letting the recipient use the children as weapons of destruction against the payer (in most cases the father). It is time for the law to recognize fathers as fathers and not just paychecks. As well the legislation for child support amounts need to change as it takes two to make children why does only one parent (in most cases the father) get hammered financially for willingly or no willingly fathering a child!! United we stand, divided we fall together we can make changes.

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