The Way You Think About Hindu Wedding Invitations

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With the diversity in cultures, the wedding cards also differ and what remains the same is their essence and that it is the humble request by the to-be-bride or groom’s family.

Wedding cards have evolved with time. Where there were simple one fold cards in the past, it has taken new shapes, sizes and designs. With the evolution, the wedding card printing has also improved. Now invitations for weddings have several embellishments and accessories such as gemstones and other decorative pieces making it an altogether rich card. In addition to these, the designer invitation cards are also popular. These designer cards are designed uniquely and are one of their kind. The range of these unique cards includes choices with respect to paper, texture, printing and other accessories.

The date was fixed and now was time for preparation. We wanted the ceremony to be grand – wanted to make it memorable for our little princess and everyone present. Organizing things from aboard were difficult, but our friends and relatives came forward to help us with this. The hotels were booked; orchestra arranged as Punjabi wedding is incomplete without foot tapping music; menu for dinner and snacks were finalized. Mostly all things were finalized except wedding invitation cards.

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