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Petition with regards to the exorbitant parking prices at The Glen Shopping Centre

It has become apparent that there will be no free parking at The Glen Shopping Centre and the price of parking is absolutely exorbitant.

It is going to cost a fortune to just go and shop or even have a cup of coffee at The Glen, even worse is the fact that the pensioners and underprivileged that live in the area (of which we have a high percentage in the area and surrounding areas) must also pay these prices.

If you would like to just go to the Wimpy for a cup of coffee, it will now cost you not only a cup of coffee but an additional R5.00 (which is almost the price of the coffee itself).

Why should we pay these prices when we are considered a degraded area as confirmed by the M.C. (Master of ceremonies) at the NuMetro when asked why the ladies’ night at The Glen has become so terrible – The other Numetros offer massages, promotional items etc. at The Glen we do not get the same, even though we don’t get a discount (we pay R39.00) in our “degraded area”, we pay the exact same price as at any other Numetro.

Booms have gone up within a blink of an eye, without so much as a thought of how this will affect The Glen’s patrons. The Glen Shopping Centre has become greedy, the roads are in a disastrous state in the parking areas with pot holes everywhere, the parking spaces in the new undercover parking are too small and an average car cannot fit into the spaces. So what are we really paying for?

We have the intention to boycott and spread the word around in order to get this petition signed in the areas around The Glen. If we just sit back and say nothing, The Glen will just take advantage of all of us and keep on putting up the price of parking as they have been doing.

Hope you can forward this to all your members

Thanking you

Naomi Contente



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